UKIP Comedy Song Highlighting Immigration Withdrawn After Complaints of Racism

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2014

Nigel was hoping to get the single to the top of the charts.

Former Radio One DJ Mike Read has released a comedy single supporting UKIP, only to then cave in to pressure from the thought Police and withdraw it.

The song, called ‘Calypso’ is sung in a faux Jamaican accent evoking 70s comedies like ‘It aint half hot mum’ and includes truthful lyrics such as

“The leaders committed a cardinal sin. Open the borders let them all come in. Illegal immigrants in every town.

“Stand up and be counted Blair and Brown.”

Nigel Farage urged UKIP supporters to purchase the single and send it to the top of the charts, forcing the politically correct BBC to play it.

The Left have added to the publicity for the single, with current Negro favourite of the press Chuka Umunna saying  the song was “distasteful” and people should not give UKIP the “benefit of the doubt” over allegations of racism.

David Lammy (famous for failing to keep his constituency from being burnt down to the ground by his own tribesmen) joined in with giving UKIP a good kicking and said the party were “tone deaf elitists”.

Mike Read has lost his courage though and withdrawn the single.

Unfortunately, instead of standing his ground and making the most of all the free publicity, DJ Mike Read has instructed the record company to withdraw the single.

This is despite Nigel putting on his best troll face and defending the song to the BBC, saying

“No, of course it’s not [racist]. Mike Reid has worked for the BBC for several decades, he’s in fact one of your corporation’s great stars, and he’s made a calypso song, and he said himself if he was doing a Bob Dylan song, he’d do Bob Dylan’s accent. It is meant to be a bit of fun.”

If all races are the same as we keep being told, then why should it even matter what sort of accent the song was sung in?

Comedians take off different accents all the time for humorous effect.  Or they used to.

It is a shame Mike Read did not have the courage to stand up for his beliefs, there is nothing wrong with wanting to prevent your country from being taken over by foreigners and it would have been good to get his song into the charts. The BBC would probably have banned it, which would have been great publicity for the anti-immigration cause, proving to people that the BBC hate the British people and want to see us all replaced.