UK: Yids Flip Lids Over Funny Art Project, Call It a Hate Crime

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2017

Don’t joke with a Jew – they’ll have you thrown in prison.


The artist behind a ‘Beware of the Jews’ road sign found in one of London’s largest Orthodox Jewish communities has apologized for causing offence after it was reported as hate crime.

The sign, which features a silhouette of a traditional Orthodox Jewish man with curly hair and Fedora hat, was spotted on Wednesday morning near a synagogue in Stamford Hill, a major Jewish enclave in North London.

Photographer and artist Franck Allais said the controversial sign is part of an artistic project, which includes depictions of individuals crossing the streets in the areas where the signs were then hung.

“It was a project about crossing the road … how everyone is different, everyone has an identity. There is not only one sign in the street,” said Allais.

“I put more signs up in the street, but only this one got noticed.

“I am sorry for any offence caused.”

Some of the other signs, which include a women pulling a trolley and a man in a wheelchair, were later found and shared on social media.

No sense of humor, these Jews.

Everything is some kind of looming Holocaust.

Maybe they should just go to their country and live there forever?