UK: Yet Another “Zombie Knife” Attack…These Knives are Out of Control!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2018

Someone needs to inform the good people running the government in London about how their knife ban needs to be tightened. Someway, somehow, these knives are still getting out and causing havoc in the city.

Daily Mail:

This extraordinary dashcam footage shows the moment Londoners rose up to stop a moped gang armed with giant ‘zombie’ knives and a sledgehammer after they ransacked a luxury jewellers in central London.

The four heroic pedestrians are seen running straight at the armed men forcing one of the robbers to abandon his motorbike before they performed a citizens’ arrest on another suspect.

A delivery worker is seen sprinting towards the criminals swinging his trolley before throwing it at them as they race from the Watches of Switzerland store in Regent Street.

Three of the thugs ran out of the watch shop and jumped onto mopeds, while another fled on foot.

But the brave bystanders managed to wrestle a fifth raider to the ground, with police later confirming they had arrested him.

The moped gang’s attack – one of 60 in London every day – are believed to have made off with watches worth tens of thousands of pounds. They left a sledgehammer embedded in a Rolex display cabinet.

Lol, they tried to use Vespas as battering rams.

When are we going to see a Vespa ban? What about a motorcycle helmet ban – they used them as masks after all.

In fact, I’m getting a whole Bane-vibe from these vespa riding, bike helmet-sporting robbers.

Judging by their incompetence, I assume that they’re niggers, but perhaps this was some White criminals having an off day or maybe an Albanian crew who did the attack.

If I were a betting man, I’d still bet on niggers though.

I could be wrong, but this seems to be a very rapidly accelerating trend here. These machete-wielding, bike-driving gangs have been all over the news lately.

Suddenly I start to understand why Brazil is the way Brazil is.

Except the UK police isn’t anywhere as competent as the Brazilian police.

Compare and contrast.

Brazilian Police: 

UK Police:

It has come to the point where I literally prefer the police force of some banana republic over what the UK has right now.