UK: Workers May be Able to Legally Work from Home Forever

“Virus! Danger! Death! Dead People! Contagion! Pandemic!”

“Oh, but we’re not forcing people to live like prisoners. It’s just that people want to live like prisoners out of their own accord, because they’re scared of the virus. We just told them how deadly and scary the virus was, every day, for months.”

Daily Mail:

The right to work from home could be enshrined in law so that staff can continue operating remotely after lockdown.

Whitehall officials are modelling the plans on rules that already allow new parents to request flexible working.

It will make it easier for those who do go in to the office to carry out safe social distancing.

Ministers hope it will also reduce commuter congestion on public transport. The proposal reportedly has their support.

One told the Telegraph: ‘It makes complete sense.’

If the law is passed, companies will only be allowed to refuse a home-working request if the employee’s tasks can only be done in the workplace.

Employers will also be asked to pay for face masks for staff who return to the office.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said the right to work from home would be a ‘big step forward’.

Liberal Democrat frontbencher Layla Moran added: ‘I believe this change would benefit both the employees and the employers, and has the potential to be a win-win.’

A Government spokesman said: ‘The Business Secretary continues to work with businesses, union leaders and the science and medical community so we can ensure workplaces are safe for those who will go back to work once the measures are relaxed and give people the confidence to return to work.’

Trade unions warned in a report last week that two in five workers feared not being able to socially distance themselves from colleagues on their return.

While this may look good at first glance, the people in power are obviously starting to cover all bases here.

Every component of the lockdown will be made into some kind of standalone “right” as they continue to tell people that the lockdown will end some day. At the same time, they’ll tell people the reasons why the lockdown should never end.

Of course, the lockdown will never truly end because coronavirus or not, viruses will still exist.

Government people and “experts” are going to use opportunities like this one to get people used to the idea that living under lockdown forever is somehow good.

People will think that they are the ones making the decision to live under lockdown, while in reality, they’re just guinea pigs in the biggest social experiment ever devised in the history of the planet.

Coronavirus is as dangerous as the flu. All of these social distancing measures are insane. There’s no virus making 2020 any different than 2019 or 2018. What’s making 2020 different are the actions of governments from all around the world.

This is an unprecedented worldwide event.

Society is changing.

People will either be brainwashed into continuing¬†the lockdown lifestyle, or they’re going to be forced to comply with it.

Your life is never going to be the same.

This test run of theirs has been proven to hit all of the right buttons on people.

They know how to get what they want.

Whether they keep pushing now or resume their efforts in the near future, they now know what works.