UK: Women Want to Ban “Hate Speech” Against Women…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2020

Wera Hobhouse: you can trust this face, goy.

I am not a supporter of hate speech laws, but unlike liberals, I try to understand the thinking behind the things I am against. And it is my understanding that the thinking behind “hate speech” laws is that if you are allowed to say mean things about minority groups, this will eventually lead to a genocide.

They always cite Julius Streicher’s Der Sturmer (no relation to this site, despite what lying Jew media says) as “fundamental” to the alleged Holocaust. Julius Streicher was murdered by the allies after World War Two after being sentenced in a kangaroo court, on the claim that his children’s comics led people to hate Jews and then decide to genocide them, because they just couldn’t control their hatred.

Julius Streicher was the first man to be executed for memes. But he will not be the last.

So are women saying they’re under threat of genocide?

Or is this just an example of a faulty premise leading to increasingly bizarre troubles?


A Tory MP has been accused of taking a ‘dismissive’ and ‘ridiculing’ approach to abuse against women after he tabled legislation calling for prejudice against men to be made a hate crime.

Liberal Democrat Wera Hobhouse will present a Bill in the Commons on Monday which seeks to require police forces to record hate crimes motivated by misogyny and make motivation by misogyny an aggravating factor in criminal sentencing.

But Conservative Philip Hollobone has tabled identical legislation – with ‘misandry’ also included. Ms Hobhouse said ‘tens of thousands’ of women report crimes to the police each year which are motivated by misogyny, but they are not recorded as such.

She said making misogyny a hate crime could enable the crimes to be prosecuted more severely and show how prejudice against women influences crime.

Don’t get it twisted, dog: what they are saying is that they want to throw men in prison for calling some women whores, or calling them fat.

You’ll probably just face a fine for saying you don’t like her shoes.

But then it will be a fine for not complimenting her shoes.

This is what happens when you allow women to have power in your society. It is exactly what happens.

This is what women do.

You have to get them out.