UK: Women in Coronavirus Quarantine to be Guarded to “Prevent Sexual Harassment”

“Accept this, and your suffering will end.”

Did you know that in the UK they are locking people in quarantines with guards?

The Guardian:

Women quarantining in UK hotels will have female guards wherever possible, the government has said, after several claims of sexual harassment by members of security staff.

The announcement comes after Labour demanded ministers take action over four women’s claims, reported by the BBC, that they were harassed by guards working for the outsourcing firm G4S during their stays in Covid quarantine.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) announced the changes to the system on Thursday. However, G4S has made clear it does not have enough female security guards to carry out the job, meaning two male guards would need to work together in a chaperoning system in some cases where women are staying alone.

This has prompted criticism from one woman who complained of harassment while quarantining. Sarah, 23, a medical student from Manchester, told BBC News: “Personally I would find two male guards more intimidating than just one lone guard. A group of male guards were talking about me when they clearly saw one male guard was being inappropriate with me. I don’t think it ensures the safety of women, rather it increases possible risk.”

Concern was expressed after the reports surfaced in late June. According to BBC News, the four women said guards mimed having sex while they were alone in a lift, and asked for hugs and selfies.

They also said security guards had asked them whether they were married and travelling alone, and followed them closely while they exercised, and one guard had stationed himself outside a bedroom, despite another guard being on duty there.

This is no different than the Nazis during the Holocaust.