UK: Women Break Out Windows with Hammers to Protest the Weather

One maxim has remained true throughout history: the weather isn’t going to change itself.

It takes women of action to change the weather.


A number of climate activists have been arrested by London police after the Extinction Rebellion group held an early morning protest at the headquarters of Barclays Bank, Europe’s largest financier of the fossil fuel industry.

Early on Wednesday morning, seven climate activists from Extinction Rebellion took hammers and chisels, adorned with personal messages including “For My Grandson,” to the glass front of Barclays HQ in the Canary Wharf business district, East London.

The activists carried placards reading “Better Broken Windows than Broken Promises” and pasted posters with the message “In Case of Climate Emergency Break Glass” on the building’s damaged glass front.

One activist, Anne, 63, a grandmother from Dorset, was quoted on the Extinction Rebellion Twitter page saying: “I want to ask the CEO of Barclays, James Staley, who I understand is also in his 60s, to stop funding climate breakdown. I want to be able to say to my grandson that, I am trying to give him a chance to live a safe and full life.”

Photographs taken at the scene show police arriving and making several arrests. People were taken away in police vans.

Everything is justified if you’re a good and moral person working towards ensuring that the weather doesn’t get too hot.

There is no price too high to prevent everyone from getting all sweaty all the time because it’s so hot out.

Businesses need to learn that women are serious about changing the weather.