UK: Woman Who Killed Her Husband With a Hammer May Not be Convicted of Murder

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 18, 2019

It’s okay to murder someone if you feel they’ve been mean to you. At least according to this woman’s sons.

Daily Mail:

The sons of a woman jailed for life for killing her husband have claimed she was ‘bullied and humiliated’ by him for 40 years, ahead of her murder conviction appeal this month.

Sally Challen struck her husband Richard, 61, over the head with a hammer at the couple’s £1million Surrey home in 2010. 

The next day she wrapped his body in a curtain and drove to notorious suicide spot Beachy Head where it took a chaplain two hours to talk her out of jumping.

She was convicted of his murder and sentenced to 22 years in prison, which was later reduced to 18.

But on February 27 the now 64-year-old will make legal history when her case goes before the Court of Appeal in a bid to get her conviction overturned.

She could walk free if the judge decides she should have been convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter.  

Her sons David, 31, and James, 35, insist their father’s ‘lifelong campaign of fear and psychological abuse’ was the reason she killed him – and wanted to kill herself. 

Let’s stop the storytelling right there for a second and take a look at the few objective facts provided in the article; the pictures of both of them together.

The immediate things to notice are that she’s leaning on him and that she seems happier than him, or at the very least, more enthusiastic about the picture being taken.

In a joint statement, they told The Observer today: ‘The jury heard our mother being painted as a person ‘consumed by jealousy’, who having suspected our father of cheating on her, counted his Viagra pills and took his life because she found herself eaten up with jealousy at his friendships with other women.

That’s exactly what the pictures of them together support. She noticeably leans on him signaling possessiveness while he’s just softly wrapping her arm around her, barely touching her, almost like a hover-hand.

They claim she tried to leave him several times, with the couple separating a year before Mr Challen’s death, but he had rendered her so emotionally dependant and weak she was ‘unable to survive without him’.

Even her husband’s family are backing the family’s campaign.

His niece Amanda Connelly said: ‘We support the campaign to have Sally’s abuse recognised in court.’

David Challen has campaigned widely on domestic violence but his brother James finds it difficult to speak to the press.

David said last year: ‘While we do not justify our father’s killing, we are seeking to stop the lie that our mother is a murderer. She is not, the verdict was the wrong one.

She deserves justice. People need to understand that she killed my father not because she is a bad person, but because he drove her to the edge.’

Yeah, he drove her to the edge by just harmlessly sitting next to her while she heavily leans towards him to signal he’s her property.

This Sally Challen murderer was clearly very possessive. You can see that from the pictures.

Look again at the picture of both of them sitting together there. The guy is just sitting there.

Yet they state that she was unable to leave him because he made her unable to leave him, that she was unable to survive without him because he made her unable to survive without him, and that she killed him because he made her kill him.

It’s always the fault of the man somehow, even when the man is the victim.

It’s his fault he became the victim.

You can imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed here and the man killed his wife because she psychologically abused him for decades, which is the default in modern marriages.

The details shared by the media in the past support what I’m telling you the pictures support.

Daily Mail, June 14, 2011:

A jealous wife murdered her wealthy husband with a hammer because she suspected he was having an affair, a court heard.

Sally Challen assumed Ferrari enthusiast Richard’s deception after dialling 1471 on his phone, which revealed his last conversation was with Sue Wilce, whom he had met on a dating website, the jury was told.

So the 57-year-old, who was not living with Mr Challen but was trying to patch up their relationship, took the hammer from her handbag and crept up behind him as he ate lunch at his kitchen table.

In an attack of ‘extreme ferocity’, Mrs Challen, an office manager for the Police Federation, bludgeoned her 61-year-old husband more than 20 times over the head. Later she told a chaplain: ‘If I can’t have  him no one can.’

Mrs Challen covered her dead husband – who had run a car dealership before suffering from ill health and was ‘fascinated’ by fast cars – with old curtains in the kitchen of the £1million four-bedroom home they once shared in Claygate, Surrey.

And she left a note on his body which read: ‘I love you, Sally.’

The following day she drove 70 miles to notorious seaside suicide spot Beachy Head in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and called her cousin, Suzanne Anderson.

There she confessed to the killing and said she was going to jump off the cliff, Guildford Crown Court heard.

She looks like Jordan Peterson’s wife, by the way.

This is Jordan Peterson’s wife:

You can see the… goblin… facial features.

He, on the other hand, looked way better that Peterson:

No wonder she was obsessively possessive. It’s his fault for being good looking.

Opening the case, prosecutor Caroline Carberry said the couple were planning to rent out their marital home and travel to Australia to make a fresh start.

[Mrs Challen] made her husband some lunch and, as he ate, she fetched a hammer, which she had brought to the address, from her handbag and hit him repeatedly over the head in what was an attack of extreme ferocity,’ she added.

Taking a weapon from the tool box at her home, as she told police, and bringing it that day indicates, you might think, some degree of planning or premeditation. At the time she killed him, she believed that he was having an affair and that his attempts at a reconciliation were a ruse.’

Miss Carberry added: ‘Sally Challen exhibited behaviour which is all too common among people whose relationships are under strain – spying, checking emails, phone messages, feelings of jealousy, insecurity and suspicion.’

Ross Whitaker, a chaplain attached to a suicide intervention team, spotted Mrs Challen near the cliff edge and spoke to her before a police negotiator arrived.

She then told Detective Sergeant Mark Rosser about her hurt and anger at discovering her husband was seeing someone else as they tried to patch up their marriage.

The jury heard how the Challens had enjoyed ‘a good life together’ in their detached family home with their two sons, David and James, before their relationship fell apart.

In early autumn 2009, she left him, having secretly bought a property nearby. Soon after, Mr Challen initiated divorce proceedings.

The woman is clearly insane. She first left him in 2009 after secretly buying a house, her husband then started having a social life with other women and looking for sexual relationships with them, then she likely insisted on getting back together to give it another try, he agreed, and since he didn’t immediately block all the women he met after his wife left him, his wife decided to bludgeon him to death with a hammer.

But now they’re trying to spin all of that as the fault of the man!

If everything is the fault of the man and nothing women do is ever considered their responsibility, then what they are really saying is that women have no agency, and if women have no agency, they shouldn’t be allowed any freedom, because that “freedom” would just be the manifestation of other powers controlling them. Which is what is happening right now with women and Jews.

They should all be caged and administered by white men.