UK: Woman Throws Drink at Security Guard, Gets Kicked in the Face

Watching women getting beaten for doing dumb stuff is so rewarding that it should be made into its own MMA kind of sport.

Daily Mail:

A McDonald’s security guard has been caught on camera beating an unarmed woman to the ground before repeatedly kicking her in the face.

The woman, who hasn’t be identified yet, was filmed in an altercation with the security guard outside a McDonald’s at the Ramp in Birmingham city centre.

It is unclear what the woman says to the security guard but she seems to be egged on by the man filming the interaction.

She throws what appears to be a cup of ice at the security guard who immediately grabs a large baton and chases after her.

He starts repeatedly battering her in the back and face with the baton until she is knocked to the ground.

The woman then sits up and appears to laugh, which seems to anger the security guard who instantly runs back and violently kicks her in the face – making an audible thud.

It is only when the security guard continues kicking the back of her head that an onlooker shouts at him to stop.

It’s a white woman.

The guard is some kind of Paki (or whatever).

It’s obviously blacks that are howling. (I’ve heard a few “black British” howling in my time.)

It is a genuinely funny scene.

If diversity provided more entertainment like this on a regular basis, you might get me on board with this “greatest strength” business.