UK: Woman “Professor” Says Making Babies is “The Worst Thing You Can Do” to the Climate

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2020

See this woman?

Take a good look at her.

She’s what’s nowadays called a professor.

You must respect professors, because being a professor is not something that can be accomplished by everybody.


Giving birth to a child is “the worst thing you can do” to the climate, says philosophy professor Patricia MacCormack of Anglia Ruskin University.

The professor, author of The Ahuman Manifesto: Activism for the End of the Anthropocene who describes herself as an “old school goth,” says that the only way to save the planet is to stop having children and allow humans to become extinct.

According to the official description of the book, MacCormack “actively embraces issues like human extinction, vegan abolition, atheist occultism, death studies, a refusal of identity politics, deep ecology, and the apocalypse as an optimistic beginning.”

She’s your average vegan, then.

Due to global overpopulation, giving birth is the worst thing you can do to the planet, MacCormack sustains, while insisting that she is not advocating wiping out the existing population but rather letting it die off.

“Far from advocating mass death, genocide or eugenics, my manifesto is antinatalist,” says MacCormack. “It boycotts human reproduction due to the damage humans have perpetrated on the Earth and its other inhabitants.”

The manifesto simply asks that humans no longer reproduce – no life is lost, no being is mourned,” she states. “If we no longer reproduce, we can care for all inhabitants already here, human and non-human, as well as care for the Earth itself by mitigating the damage already caused. It’s an activism of care.”

A native Australian, MacCormack says her opinions have been manipulated and misunderstood.

If Patricia MacCormack really wanted to care for the non-human inhabitants of the planet and wasn’t a retard, she’d see that the only way to ensure the well-being of animals is to have humans continue to exist.

If humans aren’t here, who’s going to work to ensure the well-being of animals? Letting humans go extinct would mean leaving animals unprotected.

Entire species would die off, and Earth itself would be at risk of being destroyed by asteroids and other space phenomena.

The only way to save the planet and everyone in it is to take over and do it ourselves.

“I simply propose people not reproduce, and it automatically translated into acts of violence,” she has said.

“So, somehow, I want to kill children, which is ridiculous. Somehow, I’m proposing eugenics or some kind of ethnic population control,” she declares, “and I think that what that shows is there is an anthropocentric — or a human — impulse to read acts of grace as, automatically, acts of violence.”

“And that says a lot more about the people not reading the book and just taking over the message,” she states.

Why read her book when you can read her?

Veganism and her whole “humans should disappear” philosophy are clearly working great on her.

MacCormack, who moonlights as a London DJ, said that her position can be “triggering” because it forces people to confront an idea that contradicts their fundamental view of the world.

Along with her opinions regarding the human population, MacCormack advocates overcoming “human privilege” through what she calls “abolitionist veganism,” or the notion that no sentient being should be treated as property of another.

According to MacCormack, her manifesto “questions the value of human exceptionalism, asking are humans really the ‘best’ forms of life, or should we dismantle our understanding of life as a hierarchy for a more ecological, interconnected scheme of living things?

“There are people living in the apocalypse right now — especially non-human animals — who have born into an apocalypse. They live to suffer and then they’re murdered,” she said.

If humans are the cause of all of the world’s problems, then what’s the cause of all of the problems that the world and its inhabitants had before humans?

Who killed the dinosaurs?

Why did species go extinct before humans were a thing?

“Don’t ask me, I’m just a demon.”