UK: Woman Pretending to be a Fireman Wants You to Pretend Biology Doesn’t Exist

Daily Stormer
October 16, 2017

Such hatred…

I can’t believe people still use reality and common sense as arguments in CURRENT YEAR.

Diversity is our greatest strength, no matter how many people burn alive because of it.


London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton has demanded people stop using the word ‘fireman’, claiming that the term is putting women off choosing firefighting as a career.

London Fire Brigade’s first female commissioner, Cotton urged people show support for the service’s campaign, which seeks to encourage more women to take up the job, by using the hashtag #FirefightingSexism on social media and pledging to banish ‘fireman’ from their vocabularies.

Doesn’t this dumb bitch have better things to do? Like making babies and sandwiches?

Look how serious she looks, goyim.

“London is a complex and challenging city and it takes a diverse selection of skills, strengths and specialisms to protect it – qualities that both men and women possess,” stated the Commissioner, in a press release.

“I want to shake off outdated language which we know is stopping young girls and women from considering this rewarding and professional career.

“We owe it to tomorrow’s firefighters to challenge negative stereotypes today.”

In other words – you think people who get scared off by a word are fit to take up a job where they have to run into buildings on fire and drag people out of them. Smart!

General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union Matt Wrack said: “The FBU has been using the term ‘firefighter’ and not ‘fireman’ for decades and has consistently complained to print and broadcast media and programme-makers for using this archaic term that no longer represents our modern fire and rescue service.”

“We wholeheartedly welcome more women into the fire and rescue service because we believe that a diverse service should reflect the communities that firefighters serve,” he stated, adding that the FBU is “proud and pleased” to be a part of the programme.

Behind every incompetent affirmative-action woman, there’s a semi-competent cuck carrying her tampons.

Also supporting the campaign to remove “firemen” from the English language was London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who said: “Sexism, or any kind of discrimination, has absolutely no place in London – including the capital’s Fire Brigade – and I fully support this fantastic campaign.

“With the UK’s first ever woman fire commissioner at the helm, London’s Fire Brigade is leading the way in breaking down the stereotypes, removing the barriers to women in the workplace, and becoming as diverse and inclusive as the city it serves,” he added.

See, unlike the bitch and the cuck, the raghead has a much clearer objective than just virtue signaling – complete destruction of what was once the heart of a great civilization, a process in which this is just a small step. That’s what the jews put him mayor for in the first place.

In March, Commissioner Cotton used her first newspaper interview after taking up the role of London’s fire chief to insist that people’s continued use of the term “fireman” is behind women being less likely than men to want to join the fire brigade.

“Why did they have to go for Fireman Sam? What’s wrong with Firefighter Sam?”The Guardian quoted her as saying. “We have to change that perception of a six foot hairy-arsed bloke who can kick a door down.”

Kicking down a door is an important part of the job you stupid cunt. Along with carrying someone who’s unconscious, going up the stairs with a ton of equipment and all the other stuff that almost no woman on the planet can do as good as the average teenage boy.

Six-foot hairy-arsed blokes are the types you want as firemen because they’re the ones who can actually do the fucking job right.

The government has made reducing the percentage of white men employed in the fire service a top priority, after Prime Minister Theresa May last year launched a fierce attack on the “lack of diversity” among fire brigade staff.

In recent weeks, the Home Office has attacked a number of fire brigades for employing too many white men in their ranks.

Good. I’m one of those “the worst things are, the better” types. And it is known that the fewer White men an institution has, the less efficient it is.

So fewer White firemen=more death and destruction all around, which is what we need nowadays.

A government report in September slammed Essex Fire Service as “toxic”, with a “masculine ethos”, and demanded that the service “now seek to embrace the need for greater diversity and difference as a high priority”.


Looks like we’ll be getting the death and destruction I’ve been hoping for.

I’m happy about it.

Really happy.

Let it burn.