UK: Woman Posts About Moslems, Gets Arrested

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2015

Forget the Paris slaughter, this is the REAL face of evil. She wrote words on Facebook!
Forget the Paris slaughter, this is the REAL face of evil. She wrote words on Facebook!

An evil White supremacist woman in England has been arrested for posting words on a Facebook page likely to hurt Moslems and the cucks who support them.

As if it was not enough that Moslems had to suffer the devastating consequences of bad publicity following the Paris attacks, this shiksa owner of a beauty salon posted that anyone of the Moslem faith would not be welcome in her boutique.

The Daily Mail reports on this savage and uneducated attack on the real victims of Paris:

A 43-year-old woman has been arrested over a ‘racially abusive’ message posted on a beauty salon’s Facebook page.

The woman has been named locally as April Major, the owner of the beauty business in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

The post, made following the terrorist attacks in Paris, said the salon is ‘no longer taking bookings from anyone from the Islamic faith’, ‘whether you are UK granted with passport or not’.

It added: ‘Sorry but time to put my country first’. 

Thames Valley Police arrested the woman yesterday after receiving a number of complaints about the message.

She has been released on bail until 30 November. 

It was also met with criticism online, with social media users branding the person behind the post ‘racist’, ‘ignorant’ and ‘vile’. 

Laura Burt wrote: ‘Thank God you have been arrested! Foul woman you deserve all you get!’

Yes, the “foul” woman should really be taken away and disembowelled and her genes forever smashed in a special atomiser. Because what she did was unconscionable, stupid, and had more hate in it per sentiment that the entirety of Mein Kampf. To put her people first before a lot of Moslems who want her dead, and her country cucked by the Sharia law that the Jews keep promising them, was a crime on a scale of evil yet to be measured by anything but a new Shoa.

However, it is promising that so many goyim are responding so well to this act of actual Moslem terrorism in which only a terrorist’s passport was lucky enough to survive.

For each goyim is playing its part – firstly by reacting, and then by responding with heartfelt indignation on behalf of an alien people who hate them and are taking over their country.