UK: Woman Leaves Girl in Care of Moslem Terrorists for Ten Minutes, Results in Girl Getting Permanent Brain Damage

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2017

Would you let this man take care of your kids? No? Congratulations, you’re not mentally retarded – unlike some people.

The propaganda machine pushing this notion that Moslems are just normal people who follow a different religion (which is 100% peaceful, btw) doesn’t just result in our demographic displacement. It results in people making horrifyingly stupid decisions in their own lives.

Case in point. Some poor, stupid bitch thought it was a good idea to let some Moslem look after her daughter for a few minutes.

Predictably, her daughter is now permanently crippled due to her idiocy.

If only her parents had read the Daily Stormer instead of watching the BBC, none of this would have happened.

The Stormer saves lives, people.


Nasir Ali, who inflicted horrific injuries on a two-year-old girl he was asked to look after “for ten minutes”, did not “tolerate independence of mind” and had “strict ideas about how children should be brought up”, according to his sentencing judge.

The 34-year-old from Brideoak Street, Cheetham Hill, was convicted of intent to cause grievous bodily harm after inflicting injuries on par with a 70 mile-per-hour car crash or a fall from a building on the toddler in Rochdale, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The Haji must have pulled a Negan on this two-year old little girl.

The court heard that Ali — who denied any wrongdoing — had likely become angry with the child at a park near her mother’s house. He then took her to his parents’ home and launched a savage attack.

The two-year-old was left with “thirty deliberate injuries”, amongst them a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain.

This strongly leads me to think the child was a White girl, rather than some random Moslem. Don’t get me wrong, Moslems beat up their kids all the time, but they don’t typically give them brain damage. He was clearly taking out his frustration on an infidel.

The child’s life was saved by emergency surgical intervention at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital — but she has been left brain damaged and permanently disabled, and doctors say she will have the appearance of a person who has suffered a severe stroke.

“This is a grave crime, the evidence which the jury heard provided a chilling insight into your character and sense of morality and humanity,” said the judge.

Due to her mother’s negligence, her daughter will now look like Hillary Clinton.

However, whilst concluding that Ali had “shown no remorse”, has a “vicious streak”, an “explosive temper”, and posed “a significant risk of causing serious harm to others”, the judge handed down a sentence of only 14 years.

Typically, criminals in the United Kingdom are automatically paroled halfway through their sentences, serving the remainder “on license in the community”.

So he’s basically getting 7 years – at most.

For what is effectively attempted murder, while showing no remorse whatsoever. In other words, the judge is saying that it’s perfectly fine if he gets out of prison and goes to town on another child in a few years.

This whole concept of “prison” is ridiculous to begin with. How does prison benefit society in any way? We just have to keep paying for criminals, and the victims get nothing. In fact, since the victims pay taxes, they’re actually in part paying for the upkeep of their tormentors.

We need labor camps, where the proceeds go to the victims and their families, until the damage has been paid back. Or, in this case, forever.