UK: Woman Lawyer Says Police Officer Should be Disciplined for Using Taser During Machete Attack

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2020

Solicitor Sophie Khan

Women in general will do stuff like this, always siding with Destruction, but the fact that this female’s surname is Khan makes the fact that she’s defending a Muhammad in the United Kingdom all the more ridiculous.

The invaders side with fellow invaders.

Daily Mail:

A lawyer was condemned for her ‘despicable’ suggestion yesterday that a heroic police officer should be disciplined for saving his life with a Taser during a vicious machete attack.

The row erupted as smirking Muhammad Rodwan, 56, was jailed for 16 years for attacking PC Stuart Outten after he stopped his white van because it was not insured.

Muhammad Rodwan

The 29-year-old victim, later dubbed Britain’s bravest policeman, survived the onslaught last August only by firing his Taser twice at the homeless driver.

PC Outten had fallen to the ground as Rodwan came ‘in for the kill’ with a 2ft rusty blade.

The thug was acquitted of attempted murder on Thursday and convicted of a lesser offence of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after jurors were not told about his violent past.

The trial judge ruled that evidence about a ‘strikingly similar’ machete attack by Rodwan on two men in 1996 and other convictions for rape and drugs should not go before jurors due to the length of time since the offence.

But yesterday solicitor Sophie Khan, who has represented people injured by Taser and campaigns against excessive use of the weapon, defended the convicted criminal by saying he acted in ‘self defence’ in the face of ‘excessive force’ from PC Outten.

She wrote on Twitter she was surprised the Metropolitan Police ‘haven’t started disciplinary action against PC Outten for assault and battery on Muhammad Rodwan’.

She added the officer’s actions ‘were in part found to be an excessive use of force’ and that the case had shown ‘there remains a risk to public by police misuse of Taser’.

Yes, the excessive force from PC Outten actually comes from the fact that he’s white, which means that his presence puts the weight of Colonialism over the innocent hearts of People of Color.

Considering the levels of past meanness of whites against People of Color, it is only fair to grant a colored gentleman a couple of free machete swings before retaliating.

Her criticism of the victim provoked outrage yesterday as Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said: ‘This police officer stopped a man lawfully and politely asked him to get out of the vehicle because he did not have insurance.

‘He responded by getting out a machete and brutally attacking him and my colleague very nearly lost his life. If it wasn’t for that Taser, he would have died.

‘These comments are utterly despicable – she is not only inciting violence, but she is condemning a hero who detained a dangerous offender while he was fighting for his life.’

Mrs Justice Carr, sitting at the Old Bailey yesterday, rejected the notion that PC Outten had used excessive force, describing how ‘arrogant’ Rodwan flew into a rage when he was stopped by police for having no insurance in Leyton, East London, on August 7.

He flew into a rage because all browns and blacks have a kind of genetical PTSD that is triggered by the sight of pale white skin, and that reminds them of the time they were enslaved and stuff.

We have to change our approach to solving this issue.

Stop trying to teach the diverse-skinned not to attack whites and start teaching whites not to be white.