UK: Wog Jailed for Pouring Juice Over Young Girl Then Raping Her

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2019

Nicholas Parkinson.

He’s been sentenced to seven years, which means he’ll be out in four for “good behavior.”

Seems fair.

He doesn’t look like someone who’ll reoffend.

The Northern Echo:

A rapist who preyed on a vulnerable teenager has been jailed after he was found guilty as a result of a retrial.

Nicholas Parkinson from Darlington remained emotionless as he was sentenced to seven years in prison for raping the girl several years ago.

The 46-year-old poured juice over her head in an attempt to get close to his young victim and pushed her to the floor before raping her.

Parkinson, who is soon to be a father, was found guilty by a second jury during a retrial in May this year after jurors initially could not reach an unanimous verdict.

Teesside Crown Court heard how Parkinson’s actions and continued denial has devastated his victim who now suffers from numerous mental health challenges and struggles to form relationships.

Quoting the woman, Shaun Dodds, prosecuting, said: “It is difficult to put into words the day to day impact it has had on my life. The actions of this man will live with me forever, I will never forget what he put me through that day.”

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