UK: Whites Banned from “Anti-Racist” Event at University

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2015

Just goes to show you that diversity is a racket.
Just goes to show you that diversity is a racket.

The Welfare and Diversity Officer for Goldsmiths Students’ Union, Bahar Mustafa (after all, it’d be counterproductive to have a White person in such a position), created an event that aims to challenge “the white-centric culture of occupations,” diversify “our curriculum,” and build a “cross campus campaign that puts liberation at the heart of the movement.”

There’s a catch to this “anti-racist” event: White people need not come.

The Spectator:

Back in February, Mustafa, who describes herself on Twitter as a ‘queer, anti-racist feminist killjoy’, came to my attention when she helped organise a ‘BME ONLY social’ before a screening of the film Dear White People. For those not acquainted with the lingo, this means for Black and Minority Ethnic only.

Honestly, I’m glad Whites weren’t invited. Diversity and anti-racism are intended to disenfranchise Whites, and this may hopefully help more Whites realize it.