UK: White Woman Jailed for Having Pictures of Bacon on Her Phone

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July 3, 2014

Chelsea Lambie was jailed for one year, for having pictures of bacon on her phone.

This is Chelsea Lambie. She is an 18 year old lass from Scotland who has just been charged with racially motivated crimes for the desecration of a mosque in Edinburgh. Chelsea has been imprisoned under the Scottish judicial system for……..TAKING PICTURES ON HER PHONE OF BACON BEING THROWN AT A MOSQUE!..

Now, whilst some may consider this was admittedly an irresponsible act, Chelsea is only 18 years old. In this blog we want to explore some of the pre-disposing factors as to why Chelsea has received a harsh custodial sentence for a first offence in a situation that to some could be considered no more than a childish prank, whilst to “others” a defiant act of racial hatred.

Without over analysing the details of the court case as this is not the purpose of this blog, it should be noted that Chelsea denied all charges, but images and text messages where found on her phone. She was ultimately found guilty.

So lets start with the Law itself, anybody who has recently read about this case or shared details of this case, have quite rightly been outraged by the severity and length of Chelsea’s internment, but also by the fact that there have been publicised cases of racial hatred towards the British in the form of desecration of poppies, flags and open racial hatred towards our country, our soldiers and our flag. Perpetrators have received ridiculous paltry fines, slaps on their wrists and been able to go on about their business.

Endless cries of two tier system, one law for “them” another often HARSHER rule for us. Whilst this in theory is blindingly obvious, it holds no basis in this case. The British Legal system, in theory is supposed to follow precedence and meter out similar sentences for similar crimes (!!)..however Chelsea was tried in a Scottish Court under the Scottish Judicial system, so there was no call to apply UK judicial precedence to ensure a fair and Common Law Sentence.

SO ..what made a Sherriff in a Scottish court of Law, administer such a dramatically harsh sentence to a first offender, who is merely a young girl, with a young child that would probably have learnt her lesson with a few harsh words, some education and compulsory attendance of rehabilitation programmes that are currently being promoted all over Scotland…

That we can’t answer but keep reading and decide for yourself. It wouldn’t be the first time a patriot had been made a scapegoat to further political agenda now would it 😀


1. Chelsea did not deny being a member of the Scottish Defence League

2. In May 2014 Scotland launched the “Speak up Against Hate Campaign”

3. The Scottish Government is working in partnership with key organisations, agencies and communities across Scotland – including Police Scotland, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

4. Community Safety minister Roseanna Cunningham said: “Hate crime can have a devastating impact on individuals and communities and there’s no place for these incidents in our country. 2014 is a big year for Scotland with events such as the Commonwealth Games, Homecoming and the Ryder Cup all happening in the same year, the eyes of the world will be on our nation.”

5. 21 million pounds has been set aside to tackle hate crime

6. 3 million has been given to non specified communities to discourage sectarianism

7. PC charity Nil by mouth quoted ”Of those convicted, 40% received a financial penalty rather than custodial sentences so to ensure they are made to properly reflect on their actions and attitudes we want a mandatory rehabilitation programme put in place for anyone convicted of sectarian offences.”

8. Community Safety Minister Roseanna Cunningham also said: “Any form of attack or discrimination based on the assumption of someone’s religion, race or cultural background is completely unacceptable.

“While the decrease in both racist and religiously aggravated offending are to be welcomed, it is concerning to note the rise in charges directed towards the Islamic community and towards those with disabilities.

SO there it is..Scotland are trying to encourage community cohesion ahead of the common wealth games and other events of public interest, they are spending money and bending over backwards to keep certain communities on side, this is all well and good, but WHY is an 18 year old girl being plastered all over the news and needlessly incarcerated, damaging her hope of a future, with a total disregard for the best interests of her child.

Looking at the options under the campaign there were clearly other avenues the Sheriff could have taken that were more reflective of Chelsea’s involvement.. CHELSEA LAMBIE HAS BEEN MADE AN EXAMPLE OF SIMPLY TO FURTHER POLITICAL AGENDA .. She does not deserve this ridiculous and dramatic sentence and neither does her child….

Just as a footnote, you might also like to hear that on June 19th a CONVICTED racist by the name of John Hoggan was convicted and jailed for a paltry FOUR YEARS under the same Scottish law, for………….wait for it……… petrol bombing a house with three Asian men inside….go figure that one… try and burn three people alive when your already a convicted racist you’ll get four years…do something irresponsible, remotely childish and offensive but certainly not life threatening, on first offence I might get 12 months in the slammer!!….