UK: White Pride World Wide Day 2014 – Full Report

South Wales NF
April 8, 2014

Outside Yates Wine Bar Swansea.

Despite every effort by Swansea city council, White Pride Day UK 2014 went ahead! In the build up and planning process to the event Swansea council dropped out of negotiations after the locations they offered, well outside the city centre, were turned down by the event planners! This left the council and their allies in the UAF and violent  “antifa” groups not knowing when or what was going to take place. So much so that they were claiming the event was cancelled in the build up to the day.

Plans were arranged between the organisers and South Wales Police and both agreed a plan of action for the day.

Around 11 am around 70 white patriots gathered at a bar on castle square Swansea city centre. Around 100 UAF supporters gathered in castle square area with their “gay pride” flags and communist banners.  At 12pm the plan already arranged with the police went into action, which saw the patriots move to the castle grounds for a rally for 1 hour, with speakers from all over the UK.

Flying the flag for Greece.

All four corners of the UK were represented on the day and even the USA!! Activists from many different nationalist organisations stood shoulder to shoulder for one common goal, to promote White Pride and to stand against Anti-White discrimination!

As the 1 hour time limit approached, the event planners asked the police to move into the plans for the dispersal of the nationalists. This was the point when South Wales Police showed their true colours and instead of sticking to the original plan to move us off in one group, they sent nationalists down an alleyway in 2s and 3s. the first 3 nationalists turned the corner and were confronted by a group of 7 or 8 “antifa” demonstrators! Quick thinking from a South Wales patriot  meant that the great unwashed were scattered! But as the cowards ran away one of them stole a white pride flag off a patriot and another “antifa” activist tried to snatch a lady patriots handbag!! The lady managed to hold on to her handbag and a South Wales NF youth member chased the antifa thief who stole the flag, both he and the red scumbag were caught by the police. At this point some faith in the police force was restored when the police made the decision to “de-arrest” the patriot as he was only trying to retrieve what was rightfully his!

The actual site for the rally was an excellent choice, with historical importance.

The patriots were then escorted to a near by bar and were subject to some half hearted attacks from the left wing who always feel brave when they are behind police lines with their faces covered!! After a few drinks the patriots made their way to another bar before moving off to the train station and again some half hearted “attacks” on the way. (Funny how they seem to lose their bravery when confronted 1 to 1 in the station by a  nationalist!)

The patriots then travelled out of the city to celebrate a successful White Pride Day 2014 (the day the left said wouldn’t happen!) and partied well into the night! A big thank you to all who attended especially the people who travelled from a far to show the world ” WE’RE WHITE AND WE’RE PROUD OF IT!!!’’

Facing the baying mob of brainwashed sheep across the road.