UK: White Married Men of High Status are Most Likely to Pay for Sex Because They Don’t Want to Waste Time on Relationships

Daily Stormer
October 31, 2019

There are only so many hours in a day.

If you’re building something that you want to build, researching topics that interest you, working on stuff that you want to work on, having a job, exercising and getting stronger, and overall increasing your power, the idea of taking a big chunk out of your time to entertain the nonsensical needs of women just to get them to spread their legs for you sure sounds way less appealing than it did back when you were 14 or so.

Yet if you express your concern about the cost-benefit ratio of adopting and taking care of these gooey Tamagotchis that can flip on you any time and bite you with their poisonous fangs, you’re likely to get weird looks from the muhdick crowd.

The same crowd is likely to label you a loser if you even dare to suggest that it would be easier and safer to just pay for sex if you’re not looking to start a family or make babies.

This is because they are losers who base their fragile identities around their ability to “get laid,” i.e., their ability to spend precious vital energies.

Daily Mail:

White, middle-class married men, in their 30s to 50s are those most likely to pay for sex, according to a Government report.

More than one in ten men have paid prostitutes for sex and those that have tend to be ‘high-status, sometimes high-profile, individuals.

Reasons given for doing so vary from ‘loneliness’, ‘no-time to invest in non-paid relationships‘ and ‘being in a “sexless” marriage or long-term relationship’.

The measure of a man isn’t determined by the holes he pokes.

Others included their partner having a long-term illness and ‘men who grew up in a religious/homophobic environment struggling with their desires’.

The report, which included responses from 529 current or former prostitutes, heard from 1180 people across a sixth month period.

Commissioned by the Home Office and produced by the University of Bristol, it sought to report on the current ‘nature’ and ‘prevalence’ of prostitution in England and Wales to decide if laws should be changed.

It continued: ‘Respondents with experience of managed brothels or selling BDSM services were more likely to identify clients as “middle and upper class” men.

‘Most buyers appear to visit brothels individually; some in groups. Some travel to different parts of the UK to pay for sexual services, or indeed abroad.

‘For one respondent, it was the experience of paying for sex overseas that had led to regular buying on return to the UK.’

There are around 72,000 prostitutes in the UK, nine out of 10 of whom are women, but most of the process of buying and selling sex is illegal.

The survey found that many prostitutes are selling sex to ‘get by financially’ while fewer sell it as a ‘pleasurable and lucrative career choice’.

No such thing as a free lunch, they say. There’s also no such thing as free sex. You’re always paying. In the case of prostitutes, with cash. In other cases, with your precious time (and also a bunch of cash, let’s be real).

Time is money, they say. But time is also what you use to pay for whatever you want to do in your day-to-day life. It’s what all the things that you may want to build or do require.

Having a relationship with a woman may be desirable if you want to start a family, but if she’s not having your babies and you just want sex, there’s no shame in only paying for the thing that you want instead of buying the whole package.

There is no lower position on earth than being some bitch’s “boyfriend.”

Assuming that there is no intent to have children, you are lower than a fag hag’s gayboy in such a position.

You are an emotional support creature, a toy doll, for this bitch, dumping your time, energy and yes money into her bottomless pit – for what? Because she’ll have sex with you a few times a week?

How much do those sex sessions end up costing you, when all is said and done?

Nothing is free.