UK: White Investment Banker Speaks the Truth on a Train, Gets Arrested

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2014

Investment banker Docherty told a female passenger on the train who complained to shut up and added: ‘It’ll be a different story when they take over the world and you’re all wearing burkhas!’

When the bankers start telling the truth like this you really know that things are starting to get bad.

You can also place a safe bet that it wont be a Jewish banker either.

What a shame that his fellow passengers all informed on him.

Daily Mail:

An investment banker racially abused a woman on a late-night train, saying: ‘Go back to your own f*****g country.’

Neil Docherty, 43, of Linlithgow, West Lothian, also slapped the woman on the head on the Glasgow to Edinburgh rail service, a court heard.

And he ignored a female passenger who told him to shut up over his racist rant and said: ‘It’ll be a different story when they take over the world and you’re all wearing burkhas!’

He later alighted from the carriage, but irate on-lookers aboard took Docherty’s photo on a camera phone – and helped the authorities track down the investment banker.

Docherty appeared in Livingston Sheriff Court today on a bail undertaking and pled guilty to two racially aggravated offences.

He admitted assaulting Fella Hammach, 33, on board the train at Linithgow, West Lothian, on August 28.

The banker was obviously and understandably angry about our young White girls being raped by Muslim thugs.

He also admitted acting in a racially aggravated manner which caused or was intended to cause alarm and distress to Ms Hammach by shouting and swearing, acting in an aggressive manner and directing religious remarks towards her using racially offensive language.

Catherine Knowles, prosecuting, said the assault was witnessed by several passengers on the train, which was packed with revellers returning from a night out.

As the train pulled into Linlithgow station at around 11pm Ms Hammach was unexpectedly slapped to the right side of her head from behind.

Ms Knowles said: ‘The accused was overheard shouting at her: ‘Go back to your own fucking country. Muslim men are raping women’.

The prosecutor added a female passenger told the accused to shut up, but he ignored her and shouted: ‘It’ll be a different story when they take over the world and you’re all wearing burkhas!’

He continued to make racial comments until he left the train at Linlithgow station.

Livingston Court will be sentencing him at a later date.