UK: White Businesses in Diverse Areas Facing Property Damage and Other Threats

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2017

The source of our strength.

I mean sure, you might get your windows smashed. A couple million girls might get drugged, gang-raped and trafficked. And it might cost you a whooooooole lot of money.

That said, diversity is still worth it.

Have you ever even tried genuine kebab?


Areas of Bradford, England, are No Go Zones for certain ethnic groups and the city is “heading toward disaster,” councillors have warned, citing attacks on a synagogue and white businesses in ‘Asian’ areas.

Bradford Council’s Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee chairman Arshad Hussain slammed ethnic segregation and failed integration, and blamed political correctness for making the situation worse.

Too many people are “scared to speak up in case they caused offence,” he warned, adding there are “many areas of this city” where people were afraid to go depending on their ethnicity — i.e. No Go Zones.

Another councillor, Vanda Greenwood, added that young women did not feel safe in parts of the town because of gangs of young ‘Asian’ men, the Telegraph and Argus reports.

The Red Lion and Round Thorn pubs, in the West of the city, were among those targeted on the 5th of November, according to the Telegraph and Argus.

“These were the only white businesses in the area. No Asian businesses were attacked. They were targeted because they were white,” he added.

It’s just something people are going to have to get used to.

We’re a multiculture now.

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