UK: White Accounting Boss Forced to Step Down After Giving a Pep Talk – “White Privilege”

As far as I can tell, this is the most extreme situation we’ve seen of a guy just getting fired “because he’s white.”

All he did was basically give a pep talk to his staff, and they’ve labeled that “white privilege,” and now he’s resigning.

Daily Mail:

The moment KPMG’s boss told ‘woke’ staff that ‘unconscious bias is complete c**p’ can be exclusively revealed by MailOnline. 

A recording of the Zoom meeting shows Bill Michael telling employees at the top City firm they are in ‘a very lucky sector’.

He was speaking to 1,500 highly-paid consultants who have been working from home since the start of the pandemic but now face cuts to their bonuses.

Hospitality and events businesses across the country are being devastated by coronavirus restrictions, and 10million workers are still on the furlough scheme.

Mr Michael later apologised but the backlash has forced him to temporarily step down as UK chair pending an internal investigation.

The 52-year-old Australian, whose own salary was trimmed by 14 per cent to £1.7million, had urged his staff to take ownership of their own lives and stop whingeing.

But after the virtual meeting employees took to an anonymous company message board to complain that Mr Michael needed to ‘check his privilege’.

One wrote: ‘There’s no such thing as unconscious bias?! Are you joking? Please do your research before just making such statements. Check your privilege.’

Another staff member said: ‘People are struggling with serious mental health issues and having our leadership tell us to shut up and pull ourselves up by our boot straps is heartbreaking.’

Video of the virtual town hall on Monday shows him say: ‘And now is there time to say “well do you care enough?”.

‘Right, I don’t think this point of, what do you call it? Unconscious bias. I think unconscious bias is complete c**p. Complete and utter c**p for years.

‘There is no such thing as unconscious bias. I don’t buy it. Because after every single unconscious bias training that’s ever been done, nothing’s ever improved. So unless you care, you actually won’t change.

‘And I think there’s a lot more care, more generally, to change. And we are in a very lucky sector…’

The majority of KPMG’s 16,000 London staff have been working from home during lockdown.

For those who haven’t worked in the corporate world, or have played sports, or whatever, this was totally just a standard “pull yourselves together, because we’ve got a job to do” speech. It is what is commonly known as a “pep talk,” as in, “pep up boys, and let’s do this thing.”

But that is now “white privilege.”

What is actually happening is that the system is replacing all white men in power with brown people and women. And probably Jews, also.

They’ve created a standard where if a white man simply tells someone to do something, it’s racial or gender or tranny abuse, so basically, any white man in authority who is just doing his job can now be removed.