UK: Virtually No One Benefits Financially from an Arts Degree

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2020

Blacks don’t go to college and yet they are all rich. Explain THAT.

I’ve actually heard people who said they were shocked that a person with a degree in history couldn’t get a job paying more than minimum wage.

Where exactly does a person work with a history degree? For the History Channel?

It’s the job we all want.

What do people think they’re going to do with any of these humanities degrees?

Daily Mail:

One in five students would be financially better off if they had not gone to university, a study has found.

About 70,000 young people each year would earn more had they gone straight into the workforce, it said.

Analysis by the Institute of Fiscal Studies found that almost no students benefit financially from a creative arts degree, and that few studying social care will go into high-earning careers.

Some science subjects also struggle to provide an overall financial benefit.

Female graduates in medicine, law and economics can command an extra £250,000 on average over their lifetimes, but male graduates in medicine and economics can expect to net an extra £500,000. The IFS said the gap could be because of women taking time out to start a family.

Wow, gender pay gap denialism from a British think-tank.

That’s something you don’t see every day. You can get banned from Twitter and Facebook for saying that.

On average, men who go through higher education receive a net gain of an extra £130,000 based on retiring at 67, while women take home about £100,000 more.

The study, for the Department for Education, also shows men from a top-ranked university can expect much higher returns than those who attend a lesser institution – but the same is not true for women.

The report was based on the earnings of individuals who were born in the mid-1980s and went to university in the mid-2000s.

Basically: yes, college can help you make money. But you have to go to college for the things that people always went to college for.

After the whole NAFTA thing, and the moving of the factories to China, and the allowance of mass immigration into the first world, the government decided to promote the idea that everyone needed to go to college in order to make a middle class living. But it turns out, the jobs that were supposed to materialize never materialized.

Also, boomers encouraged their kids to “just go to college” without any clear plan for their lives. So they ended up taking these absolutely useless programs, which were basically invented for peasants and proletariat who should be working in fields and factories.

You need to have a clear plan for your life by the time you’re out of high school. You at least need a plan for what you’re going to do until you turn 30.

Do not ever, under any circumstance, go to college for a degree that has no real life application.

Look at this chart and try to identify which ones are useless:

If you can’t do that with 100% accuracy, you are not ready to apply for college.

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