UK: Vile Sodomite Professor Boasts of Buggering Over 1,000 16-Year-Old Boys

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2015

Alan Titchmarsh is embroiled in a row with a University of Winchester professor – on the subject of promoting anal sex to young boys and boasting about sodomising them in lectures.

Celebrity gardener Alan Titchmarsh has been asked to be the next Chancellor of the University of Winchester, but he has also been asked to refuse the post by child-advocacy group ‘Because Children Matter’ until a vile sodomite professor is sacked – one who has boasted in lectures that he targets boys of 16-18 and has buggered over a thousand of them.

In response Mr Titchmarsh has publically criticised the pervert professor, but has unfortunately not gone so far as to resign his post yet.

Slimey faggot Professor Eric Anderson says he has slept with 1,000 teenagers and men and boasted that he targeted 16-year-olds.

Daily Mail:

The television gardener has attacked Professor Eric Anderson, 46, who boasted in a lecture that gay sex is best, that he targets 16 to 18-year-olds, that he had already had sex with more than 1,000 teenagers and men, and that he planned to double the total even if he had to pay young prostitutes.

Mr Titchmarsh, 65, says he is a committed Christian who deplores Prof Anderson’s comments and is worried about the pressure ‘impressionable’ 16-year-old boys face to have sex.

He told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s not that I’m homophobic – I’ve got some very good friends who are homosexuals. But I’m talking about sex with young boys. There’s a fine line between the age of consent and the other side of it.’

However two years ago the TV presenter chuckled when the professor – a guest on his afternoon chat show – declared: ‘Men just want sex with many people.’

Prof Anderson – said to be planning a complaint about the criticism from Mr Titchmarsh – would only say: ‘I have not met Alan Titchmarsh since I was a guest on his show talking about the value of men cheating and of open sexual relationships.’

In response to criticism he later said ‘sex should only occur between consenting adults’. But a small pressure group calling itself Because Children Matter began a campaign for Prof Anderson to be sacked.

Winchester University said he had been reprimanded, but defended him as an ‘internationally renowned gay scholar’.

When Mr Titchmarsh was last month appointed the next chancellor, or ceremonial head, of the university, he was asked by Because Children Matter to refuse the post unless Prof Anderson was sacked.

He replied that he was a committed Christian and deplored the professor’s comments, but felt it was ‘not justifiable’ to sack someone ‘because their sexual mores differ from one’s own’. However, he would have ‘no hesitation in encouraging appropriate and justified action’.

Mr Titchmarsh, a married grandfather, has now told the Mail: ‘Prof Anderson was invited on to a stimulating, entertaining discussion on my show. Two years on I encounter him again. I’m now trying to step through this enormous can of worms without being bigoted.

‘He’s talking about young boys who are impressionable. Someone who is 16 isn’t magically prepared to resist pressure into sex. We have to be tolerant of everyone’s way of life, but I find it worrying.’ He added: ‘I’d also worry about people having sex with 16-year-old girls.’

Not even the Negroes want to get too close to him.

Just 12 years ago this vile disgusting evil sodomite would have been rightfully jailed as a homosexual child abuser in Britain, yet now he is free to boast about his deviant behavior in lectures to impressionable young minds at university.

The age of consent for homosexual acts used to be 21, but it was brought down to 18 in 1994 and then reduced again to 16 in 2000. Each time it was brought down it was not young people of that age asking for it to be reduced, but rather sickening filthy evil excuses-for-men like this professor agitating for it, whose one purpose in life is to abuse children.

Exactly as you would expect and exactly as we were warned, sick bastards like him are already lobbying parliament to lower the age again, when these disgusting freaks should have been hanged the first time for what they wanted to do to the youth of Britain.

If you send your children to university then this is the sort of person that they are being encouraged to look up to.

Alan Titchmarsh should make his mind up whether he follows God’s law and cares about children, or follows man’s laws and couldn’t give a damn about them.

If he accepts the post at that university then he is accepting that it is okay to encourage boys who are not even old enough to buy alcohol, to have anal sex with filthy old men.

Listen to your conscience Alan and please don’t call yourself a Christian again if you do accept that post.

Are fancy clothes and a piece of paper really worth compromising your values for?

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