UK: Vigilante Patrols Begin in Hartlepool After Government Sends Migrants, Withdraws Police

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2018

The brave unarmed policewomen of Cuck Island seem to be losing the ability to control their big black bulls.

The UK seems to be headed to a Mad Max type scenario, where Facebook-organized vigilante neighborhood patrols are doing the jobs that regular lightweight policewomen don’t want to do.

I reported on this same thing happening in Birmingham nine days ago. Now it’s happening here:

Hartlepool Mail:

Residents in Hartlepool are patrolling the streets at night to protect their property from criminals, as Government cuts have a major impact on policing in the town.

Almost every night, a handful of residents walk around the ward keeping an eye on homes, businesses and vehicles to try to ward off crooks.

They say they have ‘no option, but to try to look after ourselves’.

It comes as a BBC report revealed there were no police officers in Hartlepool to respond to emergencies at one point last Saturday night due to all those on duty deployed elsewhere including having to transport suspects to Middlesbrough.

Just this week Cleveland Police has launched a consultation on plans to close the Custody Suite at Hartlepool Police Station and transport suspects to be questioned in Middlesbrough when they are arrested.

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill says he will continue to press the Home Secretary Sajid Javid over police funding and has called for an urgent meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger and the Cleveland Police Chief Constable Mike Veale over policing in the town.

Foggy Furze resident Darren Price came up with the idea of running patrols in his commuinity after reported increases in crime in the area.

He said: “We feel we have no option, but to try to look after ourselves.

People are scared especially on the night. It is work vans getting broken into, houses getting broken into, anti-social behaviour.

It was quiet for a while but it started to get bigger.

“We don’t encourage anybody on the patrols to engage with anybody who commits a crime, all we ask is report it to the police.”

The neighbourhood patrols are coordinated through a page on Facebook and take place almost every night of the week.

Hartlepool gas engineer Paul Timlin has also told how he was left frustrated by the police’s response despite having CCTV of £1,500 worth of tools being stolen from his van at Hart Station earlier this year.

Paul Timlin of ACS Gas said it was almost two weeks before he was visited by police.

He eventually recovered most of the tools after tracing those responsible by sharing the footage on Facebook.

Paul said: “I sympathise with the police because I believe it’s down to governmental cuts.

“There just isn’t enough police to police Hartlepool. In a town of around 100,000 or so there just isn’t enough police in cars on the beat.”

Well, it’s great that the UK is finally cutting funding to these parasites, and letting clan rule restore itself naturally.

Why is there so much crime all of a sudden, though?


You cheeky wankers done gone and bloody screwed up, now innit?

“Flood a town with refugees and then cut funding for police.” Do you want Gangs Of New York in real life? Because, this is how you get it.

I do want this, so please, British Government – please, continue to defund the police.