UK: Vietnamese Teenagers Allegedly Forced into Slavery on Marijuana Farms

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2018

Well, this wasn’t a story I expected to read about.

Most assuredly not.


Children are being trafficked from Vietnam and other countries to perform slave labour on hundreds of cannabis farms across London, experts have warned.

New figures released on Monday expose the scale of illegal cannabis farming in the British capital, where police said they had found 314 farms since 2016 — the equivalent of one every two days — according to Scotland Yard data obtained by the London Evening Standard.

One policeman, Detective Superintendent Lee Hill, told the Standard that there was a “human, emotional” toll in finding cannabis farms because there are so often children being exploited on them in dangerous situations. In particular, he said Vietnamese boys and teenagers are often asked to watch over properties in case rival gangs approach or a police raid is planned. “I’ve recovered children who are being exploited. They are there to protect the properties,” Hill said.

While the farms were found in every single borough of London, the highest concentration was found in Croydon in south London, with 30 factories found there in total. Hill said that the number was so high in Croydon for a number of reasons, including the fact that the borough was London’s largest and that it had high levels of gang activity and violence.

2011, eh?

A whole lot has changed since 2011.

And I think that this may have something to do with the level of gang activity…

I think we can make links to gang activity. Some of the recoveries are within gang territory areas. A lot of it does comes down to organized criminality,” he said. Hill said that historically the farms were found in industrial estates, but that it was becoming more common to find them in attics and residential properties.

Jakub Sobik, a spokesman for Anti-Slavery International, told Reuters the figures were “extremely worrying” and that it meant “potentially thousands of children and young people are being trafficked from Vietnam and exploited by ruthless criminal gangs”.

I’m not sure that forcing Asian children to work without pay is “slavery.” This is definitely been standard practice in Asia for… however long Asians have existed.

I’m also not sure this story is even true at all.

Something about the whole thing just seems fakey.

I can follow the logic of using children to man the farms because if they get raided by the cops they can’t be charged with anything… but why are there no pictures of any of this? And why is it just now a news item?

I also didn’t even realize marijuana was still criminalized in the UK.

For those who don’t get the thing, the process is:

  1. Legalize it for health reasons – “medical marijuana”
  2. Liberalize the requirements to get a “medical marijuana” license to the point where you just have to tell a doctor you have a headache and you get the card
  3. “Decriminalize” personal possession of marijuana, which means it’s a civil offense, which means you can grow it in your house and smoke it in public and if you get caught you just pay a fine, but probably no one is trying to catch you anyway
  4. Full legalization of recreational use

Canada is all the way to step 4, as are many areas in the United States. Colorado was the first to legalize recreational use, and California has too.

Shockingly, the UK is way behind in this process.

If I had to guess, making some huge thing of Vietnamese child slaves is part of some larger plot to legalize marijuana. I imagine there are some Vietnamese children doing this, but it is being exaggerated to the extreme, and it is probably linked to some kind of visa scam.

That is to say, the Arab and Pakistani gangs that run the marijuana farms ensure visas to the child “slaves,” which they can then use to bring their parents over. And I’m sure that the Vietnamese children do get the visas and probably citizenship whenever these farms get raided.

This story from The Guardian in 2015 (they had a round of stories about this issue in 2015, it turns out) says that they’re smuggling these Vietnamese children through Calais.

How are they getting Vietnamese children to Calais? 

According to Google Maps, walking that far would take 2,532 hours.

And you would have to cross a lot of borders.

A whole lot.

Point being: the UK is a shithole. This is the sort of idiot story you read from multicultural shitholes. Stupid, boring, weird stories.