UK: “Very Social” Former Policeman Kills Himself Because of Lockdown Solitude

We are witnessing the weakest dying first as the crows prepare for a feast.

Vultures are already circling our cities.

Coronavirus lockdowns across the West are not only destroying entire economies but also people’s minds.

The hysteric response to the virus will take many more lives than the virus itself.

Daily Mail:

A former police officer struggling to cope with the coronavirus lockdown took his own life, his heartbroken family has revealed.

Michael Burton was found dead in Sheffield 72 hours after he was reported missing from the house he had been staying at in Calow, Chesterfield.

The 54-year-old, who had retired from Derbyshire Police after 26 years, was said to have been deeply affected by his brother’s suicide in 2015.

But relatives said living under the lockdown restrictions had deeply affected the devoted father.

He was last seen alive as he left the house he had been staying in Calow on April 18 but his body was found in a property in Sheffield three days later.

Mr Burton’s family said the ‘very sociable’ father was not coping with the lockdown and was also deeply affected by the loss of his brother Kevin on Boxing Day, 2015.

In a statement, his family said: ‘Mike found the recent Covid-19 isolation restrictions difficult as he was a very sociable character and he could no longer spend time with his friends and family as he had previously enjoyed.

‘This came just months after the inquest into his brother’s tragic suicide, which affected him more than anyone could have known.’

His brother Kevin Burton, 47, was found dead at a bed and breakfast on Boxing Day 2015.

Michael retired from the police almost 18 months ago and spent his time pursuing his hobbies, but his family noticed his mood changed dramatically when the lockdown was introduced on March 23.

The family statement continued: ‘Mike was generous, warm-hearted, supportive and an intelligent conversationalist who was always full of energy and enthusiasm.

‘As a teenager he wrote and released a comic book called ‘Quantum’ which he was very proud of.

‘His other loves were holidaying and exploring, hosting and competing in pub quizzes with his friends, NFL American football, cricket and collecting Marvel memorabilia.

‘In September 1992 he joined Derbyshire Constabulary where he remained as a sergeant until retiring on December 31, 2018.

‘Mike was very principled and would always stand up for what he believed to be right and fair for his family, friends and colleagues.

‘He was an incredibly patient and supportive father, indulging in and promoting a curious mind.

‘He had a love of science and nature which he satisfied with watching many documentaries and often wondered if he should have pursued a career in the sciences.

He is a tragic loss to his family and friends who are in total shock at this moment in time.’

Tragic losses will become increasingly common as the lockdown stretches through time.

The official stance of the WHO is that lifting lockdowns is too risky, and many governments continue to extend these lockdowns indefinitely, without being honest about how long they plan on doing that.

This is the new way of life now.

People are going to adapt to living like obedient prisoners in solitary confinement, or they’re going to be left behind by this new system.

Or, perhaps, the system will just go ahead and collapse.