UK: Vaccine Minister Says Vaccine Certificate Will be Required to Enter a Bar or Movie Theater

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi: This man is now your mommy and Santa Claus.

Just last week, we told you that an Australian airline run by a homosexual (who is coincidentally a member of the World Economic Forum) is planning to require proof of coronavirus vaccination before passengers are allowed to fly.

I wrote:

Understand: this is going to be the model. The government will not be the one forcing you to take the vaccine, it will be all of these private companies. They were able to get away with this with the censorship, so they know it works.

All of these lunatic restrictions are being centrally coordinated by globalist bodies, which are instructing government, media and private corporations what to do. Australia is the testing ground. I told you months ago that all of the insane coronavirus restrictions that were being enforced in Australia were going to come to the West. Now, that’s happening, exactly as I said it would.

Other airlines across the “free world” are going to start announcing the same thing within the next few months.

Then, it will start expanding to other businesses. Eventually, you won’t be able to get an Uber or enter a grocery store without showing proof of the vaccine.

Even I didn’t expect the British “vaccine minister” to come out this week and say you’ll need proof of a vaccine to get into a bar.

This is moving very fast.

The speed with which my own predictions are coming true is becoming unsettling.


The UK’s newly appointed vaccine minister, Nadhim Zahawi, has suggested that people will have to show they’ve received the Covid vaccine if they wish to return to normal life and the resumption of social activities.

Zahawi was asked by the BBC on Monday if it will become virtually impossible to do anything without the vaccine, and the minister responded that people should expect pressure from service providers to demonstrate that they have been vaccinated.

He suggested that people who refuse to get vaccinated could face continued restrictions, potentially preventing them from attending bars, cinemas, restaurants and sports venues if they cannot provide proof down the line that they have been inoculated against the coronavirus.

However, Zahawi, whose new role will see him oversee the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine in the UK, made clear that getting vaccinated will be voluntary – although he strongly encouraged it, as he believes it will be good for the community and the country if people receive the jab.

Another British government official is talking about using the pre-loaded app they forced onto your phone to track your every movement as a way to monitor the unvaccinated and restrict their movement.

Baroness Harding, who is responsible for the existing NHS Test and Trace app service, recently told her team that it may be turned into a kind of ‘Covid-19 passport’ that displays people’s inoculation status.

The Department for Transport is also reportedly considering stamping the actual passports of individuals who have been vaccinated to show they are safe to travel, avoiding delays and border crossing issues when international travel picks up again next year.

They are building a brutal high-tech control grid right in front of us, and people are going along with it because they’re frightened of a mild flu. When the vaccine comes out, this is all going to escalate rapidly.

It’s unimaginable that this has been allowed to happen, but it has already happened, and right now, we all need to start figuring out ways of navigating it within our own lives.

You’re probably going to want to review my thing about how you might be able to bribe a nonwhite doctor into squirting the vaccine out in the sink and giving you the certificate.

You really, really do not want this vaccine. It could well fundamentally change you.

Why else would they be so obsessed with it? Every health official is aware that this virus is not very dangerous.

The thing is: if you don’t find a way around it, they are going to take steps to force it on you.