UK: US Air Force Helicopter Destroys Landing Pad on Takeoff

Wait – what?


A hospital helipad in the English city of Cambridge was knocked out of commission by a US Air Force helicopter during an exercise, blowing the pad to pieces and compelling a diversion of emergency flights elsewhere.

An American CV22 Osprey tiltrotor military craft was captured on film as it attempted to take off from Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge on Wednesday, with the downward blast of air from its propellers destroying the pad and sending parts flying across the hospital grounds.

How on earth does an “accident” like this happen?

It was clearly not the pilot’s fault, it was the fault of whoever figured that this landing pad was capable of sustaining the amount of pressure that a military vehicle that size put on it.

The hilarious thing is that there is a field right next to the pad where this helicopter could easily have landed and taken off from.

Here’s the prime question: Is any military capable of being sustained by millennials and brown people? 

The obvious answer seems to be: “nope.”