UK: Up to 6 People Can Exercise “Together” But 2 Meters Apart, Physical Contact is Not Allowed

“This is what you face.”

If the 2 meters are going to keep people exercising together from catching the virus, what purpose did the lockdown even serve? The government could have just told people to follow this magic 2 meter rule instead of the insane months-long house arrest lifestyle.

Daily Mail:

Groups of up to six people from different households will be allowed to exercise together outdoors in England from Monday – as long as they stay two metres apart.

Ministers announced this afternoon a further loosening of coronavirus lockdown rules which could pave the way for the eventual return of grassroots sport.

The latest easing means that people who play team sports can meet up and train together to do things like conditioning or fitness sessions.

However, anything involving physical contact is not allowed with the Government urging people to keep equipment sharing to an absolute minimum.

The changes will come into force on the same day that people in England will be allowed to meet up with five others from different households outside, either in private gardens or public spaces.

The guidance coming into effect on Monday is strictly for people in England.

Ministers are urging people to be aware that if they visit Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland they must adhere to the rules imposed by the devolved administrations at all times.

The government is openly ordering people not to have physical contact.

We are witnessing the beginnings of a complete takeover of people’s bodily autonomy, a scenario where the government will eventually assume direct control of people through technological shenanigans.

If this sounds too far out there right now, consider how “the government is about to ban physical contact” would have sounded last year.

“Relinquish your form to us.” — The UK Government.

But that’s what has happened. The government has banned people from leaving their homes, from meeting with others, and now it is saying that people can “meet” as long as they stay apart and no physical touch takes place!

Enjoy your body while it is still yours.

The overlords will be assuming direct control soon.