UK: Two Pakis Rob White Curryshark, Hold Knife to Her Throat

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2018

Dominic Mallinson.

Yes, she had a Paki boyfriend.

Yes, she recognized one of the Pakis who robbed her (close-knit community, innit?)

Yes, this is the most quintessentially British story you’ll read all week.

Examiner Live:

A terrified mum-of-two had a kitchen knife pressed into her throat during a violent robbery witnessed by her seven-year-old daughter.

Kimmie Edwards was asleep in bed when two masked thugs broke into her Dalton home.

One of the raiders held a knife against her jugular vein and demanded money.

Despite the mask – and through her fear – Kimmie recognised the knifeman and he was later arrested.

Last week Dominic Mallinson, 23, of Dalton was convicted of robbery and possessing an offensive weapon and was jailed for nine years.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Kimmie, now 33, was asleep at her semi-detached home at 2.35am on February 10, 2017 when she became aware of a noise in the bedroom she shared with Mohammed Abbas, known as ‘Abby.’

In her witness statement she said: “I opened my eyes and I could see a male stood over me and he was shouting in my face.

“I could feel a sharp metal object pressing against the right hand side of my neck and could see another male stood at the opposite side of my bed holding a machete.

“He was banging it on top of Abby’s chest. I shook Abby to wake him up and as he tried to sit up the second male punched him in the face.”

Kimmie added that he kept saying: “‘Tell me where you keep your money. If you don’t tell me, I will kill you.’ I just kept pleading with them both to stop shouting as my kids were in bed.”

It was then that Kimmie, a professional portrait and pet photographer as well as a successful fashion model, realised she knew the knifeman.

The attacker turned out to be someone she knew slightly – Dominic Mallinson.

Kimmie Edwards.