UK: Two Moslems Jailed for Acid Attacks

Tim Hort
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2017

Joshua Jordan, Sadik Kamara.

Can you remember a time when acid attacks in the west weren’t something anyone ever thought about?

The Journal:

TWO LONDON MEN have been jailed for a combined 28 years after two attacks on two women in a crime spree earlier this year.

Joshua Jordan and Sadik Kamara were today sentenced to 14 years each for the March attacks that were committed as part of a gang robbery.

The court had heard that Kamara, who is a well established rap artist under the name ‘Trizzy Trapz’, and Jordan travelled from Newham to Hackney to commit the robberies on Friday 10 March.

In the first attack, the pair were part of a gang of five that targeted a supermarket after staking it out for the evening. A woman in her 50s was the lone shopkeeper in the store when they entered.