UK: Traitors Threatening to Do Second Brexit Referendum After Talks Fail

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2018

The absolute state of the UK. Is this how you do political cartoons?

The fact that the Brexit referendum even happened was a total fluke.

The cucks were getting nervous that UKIP was gaining traction, riding on the wave of anti-EU and anti-immigrant sentiment, so they decided to pull a sneak move and announce that they’d do the referendum themselves to cock-block the populists.

Of course, they thought that if they did this on their own terms, they could minimize the chances of it actually succeeding by a clever application of propaganda and manipulating the timing of the vote itself. Neither the Tories nor Labour actually desired a Brexit.

Except a couple of fringe figures.

But they dun goofed, and lost the vote.


Now, of course, we’ve been seeing both parties struggling desperately to avoid doing the deed, with the “conservatives” scheming to do a fake Brexit, and the “liberals” saying “fuck it just don’t do it lol.”


The chances of Britain holding a second referendum on Brexit just got higher.

Britain’s opposition Labour party was voting Tuesday on a policy that would put a new public vote on the table if Prime Minister Theresa May failed to get an eventual Brexit deal through the UK Parliament.

And Labour’s Brexit spokesman, Keir Starmer, received rapturous applause at his party’s annual conference when he raised the prospect that staying in the European Union would be on the ballot paper.

“Nobody is ruling out ‘Remain’ as an option,” he said.

No, I’m pretty sure the British people ruled out “Remain” as an option when they voted “Leave.”

That’s the point of a referendum, you see.

His comments were significant because Labour has been as divided over the issue as May’s Conservative Party. Some Labour MPs represent districts in Britain that voted decisively to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum, and fear losing their seats if there is a general election. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is known to be a lifelong Euroskeptic.

But the party membership, which propelled Corbyn into power, strongly supports staying in the EU and has forced the leadership’s position to evolve.

“Evolve” is an awful strange way to say “do the Jew’s bidding.”

Starmer told delegates at the party conference in Liverpool that Labour would vote down any deal struck by May.

“If the Prime Minister returns with a deal that does not meet our tests, and that looks increasingly likely, we will vote against her deal,” Starmer told the rapturous crowd. “A vague or blind Brexit is a leap to nowhere, and we will have no part in it.”

Starmer said Labour preferred the uncertainty to be settled in a general election “but if that’s not possible, we must have other options … that must include campaigning for a public vote.”

“Nobody is ruling out remain as an option,” he added, in remarks that were not included in the text of his speech released by the Labour Party.

So Labour is saying explicitly that they’re not going to do Brexit – no matter what. If they had power, they’d just scrap the whole thing and maybe do another referendum (which they’d hoax even more than the first) in order to vaguely justify their treason.

It’s good to have choices.

Last March, Labour outlined six tests upon which it planned to assess any final Brexit deal, including the provision of a “strong and collaborative” future relationship with the EU, the delivery of the “exact same benefits” provided by the UK’s current membership of the single market and customs union, and the “fair management of migration” in the interests of the British economy.

The “tests” are basically summed up by saying “we must remain in the EU in all but name.” A “fair management of migration” obviously means maintaining open borders – after all, an independent UK doesn’t need the EU’s permission to set whatever immigration policy they want.

On Sunday, in an article for the Britain’s Sunday Express newspaper, May reiterated her opposition to a new Brexit referendum. “Some are now openly advocating a second referendum and extending Article 50 to delay Brexit, sending us right back to square one,” she wrote.

The witch opposes a new referendum because of how bad it would look, politically. The idea of re-doing a referendum because you don’t like the result is insane, and makes Britain look even more like a totalitarian hellhole than it already does.

Who’d want to be in a dictatorship headed by this hag? She doesn’t even have a cool mustache (maybe she should stop waxing it?)

Her plan, much like Labour suggested, is to just make a deal with the EU that involves violating every expectation of the British people and remaining a slave to Berlin and Brussels, while still pretending like she “did Brexit.”

It’s a total hoax.

And now that UKIP has predictably disintegrated after the “leave” side won, there’s no one else but these shills to actually go through with Brexit.

What a mess.