UK: Toddlers Must Learn About White Privilege in Nurseries

If white toddlers don’t grow up feeling shame, guilt, and sadness, a person of color somewhere may feel uncomfortable.

The Telegraph:

Playgroup teachers need an “understanding about white privilege” so toddlers can learn to “recognise racist behaviours and develop anti-racist views”, according to new guidance.

The new advice, drawn up as an alternative to the Government’s statutory guidance by representatives from unions and charities, said it was “time to challenge the widespread notion that ‘children do not see race’ and are colour blind to difference”.

It states that “children’s racial prejudice” is at risk of being “maintained or reinforced” unless teachers had specialist training to develop an “understanding about white privilege, systemic racism and how racism affects children and families in early years settings”.

On Saturday it was criticised by Conservative MPs for being the “wrong way to go about” combating racism as it risked early years learning “becoming some kind of political Soviet indoctrination session”.

It came a day after an official government report found that factors such as family structure, class, socio-economic background, geography, culture and religion had “more significant impact on life chances than the existence of racism”.

The new 128-page guidance – titled Birth to 5 Matters from the Early Years Coalition – was developed over the past six months by a 18-strong steering group including representatives from the National Education Union, the National Day Nurseries Association and the Association for Professional Development in Early Years.

Toddlers are one development stage above a baby.

It won’t be long until these anti-racist forces demand that white infants be forced to watch trauma videos of George Floyd, teaching them how evil they are because of the way they were born.