UK to Make Deadly Vax Mandatory for NHS Staff in April, Need Time to Replace Purebloods

Two more weeks, darling.

Oh wow the exact thing that Hoax Watch said would happen is happening.

What a weird coincidence.

The Guardian:

Covid vaccination is to be made compulsory for the NHS’s 1.2 million full-time staff in England, despite criticism that forcing frontline personnel to get jabbed is heavy-handed and will lead some to quit.

However, the tough new approach will not come into force until next April year, after Sajid Javid heeded warnings that introducing it soon could lead to an exodus of staff during the winter, the health service’s busiest time of year.

An announcement is due as soon as Thursday, the Guardian understands.

The health secretary appears to have been influenced by NHS Providers and the NHS Confederation, the two organisations that represent NHS trusts in England, strongly advising him to delay implementing the move until next year.

“The vaccine is safe and effective. I got it multiple times.” -Pinhead, 2021.

On Monday Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, said that while a small majority of hospital bosses backed jabs becoming compulsory, more than 90% of them feared it could exacerbate the understaffing that is already endemic across the service.

He highlighted “the potential loss of those staff who don’t take the vaccine when the service is already under huge pressure and carrying 93,000 vacancies”. He said: “The government must recognise the risk of losing unvaccinated frontline staff and support efforts to maximise voluntary take-up first.”

More than 90% of NHS personnel in England have had at least one dose of vaccine and just under 90% have had two doses. However, in some trusts as few as 78% of staff have been double-jabbed, official figures from September show.

The people who would voluntarily take the vaccine already took the vaccine. The government knows this. They’re not going to wait half a year to see if these people change their minds, they’re going to wait until April to have enough time to replace the unvaccinated staff.

They are just going to bring in third worlders to fill the positions. They just need some time to figure out the logistics.