UK to Lock Up Old People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2020


Isn’t old people dying good for society though?


UK’s Health Secretary confirmed plans to isolate people aged over 70 for up to four months amid a coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to protect them, but critics say it may be a really bad idea.

Isolating the elderly is “clearly in the action plan” Health Secretary Matt Hancock has told Sky News, confirming earlier reports in the British media. “We will be setting it out with more detail when it’s the right time to do,” he added, which may come within weeks.

“We absolutely appreciate that it is a very big ask of the elderly and the vulnerable, and it’s for their own self-protection,” Hancock told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge.

Earlier ITV’s political editor Robert Peston said the British government was likely to enforce a “wartime-style” mobilization effort and other emergency measures, including isolation of elderly people.

The UK has gone completely insane with a “why contain it?” strategy.

They’re actively encouraging people to get the disease as part of a “herd immunity” gambit.

So I guess if they lock up all the old folks then force everyone else to get the disease, the problem will be solved?

Seems kinda crazy…!

Especially given that all of the data from China seems to indicate that yes, you can get reinfected after being cured of the virus.

But it is really hilarious, seeing Katie Hopkins out there telling people to purposefully get the disease.

I said: if this isn’t the official position of the government, they would have to arrest her.

So apparently, it is the official position of the government.

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