UK to Introduce Mandatory Masks on Public Transport in the Middle of Summer

If you thought the coronavirus hoax was slowing down because of the George Floyd riots, let me just tell you: it isn’t.

In Britain, they’ve just made an extreme decision to up the ante.

The Telegraph:

Face coverings will be mandatory on all public transport from June 15 after the Government reversed its policy on the issue.

Anyone without a face covering from that date can expect to be fined or stopped from boarding buses, trains, Tubes, trams, aeroplanes or ferries.

The move has been brought in to coincide with the widespread reopening of shops and the return of some secondary school pupils, when public transport use is expected to surge.

Ministers will also hope it will persuade more people to return to work, amid concerns that too many people who cannot work from home are still furloughing.

It comes after the Government spent weeks dismissing face coverings as largely pointless at the start of the pandemic, with some ministers even suggesting they did more harm than good. When Boris Johnson recommended them last month, Downing Street insisted face coverings would not be enforced in law.

It led to criticism last night of the Government for dragging its heels over a policy that has been in place for months in many European countries.

There is zero sign of any of this madness ending in the near future. We’re on break, having this weird intermission, as even Governor Cunt herself is dropping protocol to support looting and rioting. But this is a temporary intermission (as is implied in the word “intermission”).

All indicators are that in the fall, we will go directly back into full-on coronavirus hysteria. The fact of reality is that the hoax simply worked too well for it to be abandoned.

The UK is not opening its pubs back up until mid-July, and officially, many such measures are still in place in the United States. None of this went away because of mass rioting by the blacks.

There will be a brief official let-up in July and August and then in September, when people get the virus again, it’s back to the restrictions.

It’s to be seen whether the restrictions will be more or less extreme, but they will be there, and they will be uniform and uniformly enforced. With all of this talk about the military being released on America, it is very possible that the military will be the ones enforcing these measures, as I do not think that the military is quickly going to leave the streets, and with the coronavirus being the most important issue of our time, it’s of course right and proper for the military to be used to enforce this lockdown.