UK the First to Introduce Corona “Color Code,” Creating Total Lockdown Society

Most of you will probably remember that I told you they were going to introduce a color-coded alert system for “coronavirus activity.”

Well, that’s happened already in Britain.

BBC News:

The new three-tier system of Covid-19 restrictions has begun in England.

Most of the country is in the lowest tier – medium – but millions of people in the North and the Midlands face extra curbs on households mixing.

The Liverpool region is the only area to be under the toughest rules, with pubs and bars not serving meals closed.

Government health officials are due to meet later to discuss the possibility of Greater Manchester, Lancashire and some other areas joining the top tier.

The new three-tier system sees every area of England classed as being on medium, high or very high alert.

Areas on medium alert are subject to the national restrictions currently in force, including the rule of six on indoor and outdoor gatherings and the 22:00 closing time for pubs, bars and restaurants.

In addition to these restrictions, in areas on high alert – including north-east England, much of the North West and parts of the Midlands, along with West and South Yorkshire – different households are not allowed to mix indoors.

Areas on very high alert face extra curbs, with different households banned from mixing indoors or outdoors in hospitality venues or private gardens.

Pubs and bars will be closed unless they are serving substantial meals and there is also guidance against travelling in and out of the area.

Further restrictions may be agreed for particular regions in the top tier and in the Liverpool City Region gyms, leisure centres, betting shops and casinos will also close.

“Household mixing” is a new term for you to adopt and adapt to.

It means that you’re not allowed to visit your friends and neighbors.

And of course, your ability to communicate on the internet is already vastly restricted, isn’t it?

Each individual in the society is being isolated so they can be dealt with as individuals.

I’m not going to go through the whole thing about how this is all a gigantic hoax right now. I’m not even going to mention Sweden. We all get that by now.

Let’s talk about some other things.

Locking Down the Grid

When I said they were going to create this alert system, I said they would do it for total control. At any time, they can say, “we’ve got heavy coronavirus activity in your area, we have to shut down all of your basic rights and freedoms and you have to do whatever we tell you to do immediately.”

They will use this for purposes of quelling civil unrest as the society collapses. If the wrong people (whites, Christians) start getting uppity, they’ll declare wherever they are protesting a “coronavirus red zone” and say everyone has to shelter in their homes.

I knew that it was only a matter of time before countries started demanding federal powers to mark different districts with different alert levels. These can be selectively enforced as well. They can lock down an area, then trigger a black uprising in that area. Whites will stay inside. The cops can pull out or just stand around and do nothing while whites are terrorized, tortured and killed.

They obviously also have the ability to pull random people out of their homes, without requiring any explanation other than “coronavirus.”

This is a total control grid that allows for them to target any person or group of people in order to mold their behavior.

I Told You So

Never forget that people said I was insane. They said I had become delusional, and the coronavirus thing would blow over. That’s after they said I was delusional for not believing it was a deadly virus.

I don’t want to gloat, but I’ve been basically 100% right about everything that has happened this year. It’s not because I’m a prophet or a genius: this is all obvious and straightforward, if you understand what the longterm agenda is. Furthermore, when it became obvious that the virus was a hoax, it then became incontrovertible that they had purposefully created a crisis for the purpose of removing everyone’s rights and transferring the wealth of the working and middle classes to billionaires. It also became obvious that they weren’t simply going to stop while the people were willingly going along with it. Why would they do it in the first place, and successfully get people to go along with it, if they were just going to stop it?

The longterm agenda is to force a one world government. No one wants that, at least not of the variety they are pushing: they want the entirety of the masses of people to live in pods and eat bugs, while a tiny elite minority has all the wealth and rules the planet. The global warming hoax is the blueprint for that, but they needed this virus hoax to force it on everyone.

We have started a ride that isn’t going to end until it stops. Nothing is ever going back to normal. A series of events has been triggered, which will either end in the formation of this one world system, or in the total collapse of the civilization. Preferably and most probably, it will be the latter – but it’s going to be a long, rough ride, which very few of us are likely to live through.

You need to be prepared for this, as much as you can be.

I’ve said from the beginning, and have continued to maintain, that the best simple action anyone can take is to get out of the cities, into a small town.

I’ve posted an image of my own home state of Ohio as an example:

Everyone who lives in one of those black dots is going to be 100 times better off than anyone who lives in one of the red dots. Furthermore, anyone who lives in a black dot can commute to work in one of the red dots for as long as they’re allowed to work.

You might hear some moron say, “oh, but it won’t matter, they will just come and get you anywhere…!”

That might be true in some absolute theoretical sense, but the much more real reality is that what they are planning on doing is extreme and it is complicated and going to require a huge amount of human resources that they don’t really have. The priority is going to be to lock down the major cities. If you are in a small town, and your sheriff and your mayor refuse to allow the federal government in, and the deputies and citizens go out with guns when the feds roll up, there is a very good chance they will leave you be, planning to deal with you later.

After that, there is a very good chance they will never get around to dealing with you at all.

Anyone who is saying, “oh, it just doesn’t matter anyway,” is attempting to excuse their own lack of action. If you don’t want to take action, then don’t. I’m not your dad. But don’t be fooled by the people saying you won’t be better off in a small town. They are frankly not any better than the apocalypse denialists.

It’s sad that we have to deal with this. But we are men, and we are built to deal with things that we did not want and did not predict or expect.

I can promise you that this isn’t the end of the world. The White Man will abide. This too will pass. Don’t put off having children, don’t put off living your life. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

Face these challenges as you would the challenges in a video game. Overcome them using your strength and your wits.

Your choices are these:

  1. Fight
  2. Die

It’s up to you.

I know what I’m doing.

No matter what happens, life is a struggle.

You suffer and you die.

You’d might as well enjoy it as much as you’re able.

The only enjoyment that will ever truly fill your soul with meaning is meeting challenges and overcoming them.