UK: Teenage Girl Walks Into Police Station, Shows Wounds, Denounces Pakistani Sex Gang

If this teenager had accused a white man of raping her, the media would be posting pictures of the man and siding with her, telling everyone what a brave woman she is. It would literally be the number one news story in the entire world, playing nonstop on every network.

But since she’s accusing brown people, it’s on the back page and the media uses words like “allegations” and “claims.”

Cases like this one are going to become increasingly common now that the lockdown is collapsing the economy.

Daily Mail:

Police are investigating claims from a teenage girl who says an Asian grooming gang beat, burned and drugged her to force her into having sex with them.

The girl walked into a police station to allege she had been beaten up for failing to attend so-called ‘parties’ at which other victims were routinely abused.

She later claimed in a social media post that she was put into a car on Tuesday and taken to an address so that three Asian men could have sex with her.

Afterwards I was beaten because I was in debt to these men for not attending ‘parties’ for over seven weeks due to coronavirus,’ she wrote.

‘The organisers of the party decided to beat me to teach me a lesson. They decided that I don’t learn from being battered as I’ve received beatings before’.

She claimed her alleged abusers began to hack off one of her fingers as a punishment for ‘continuing to make the same mistakes’.

One of them ‘waved a knife around’ while he and others in the gang threatened to kill her.

The girl supported her claims with a series of photographs showing her with black eyes, bruising to both her face and body, and what appear to be cigarette burns.

Last night Cumbria Police confirmed it was investigating an incident of physical and sexual abuse that was reported by a woman in her late teens on Tuesday evening.

The allegations are now the subject of a thorough investigation by a team of detectives.

In a statement the force added: ‘The constabulary are aware of a post issued by a member of the public… on social media concerning the incident, which was reported to have occurred in the Barrow-in-Furness area’.

The girl alleged she had been both physically and sexually abused by the gang over a number of years.

She also claims that despite the police investigation into her own case, other teenagers in the area are still being attacked and trafficked.

I am not the only girl in (the area) who has gone through this or is going through this. I know plenty of girls involved – including girls from away.

‘This is local men and men from away. These are mostly Pakistani men and some are business owners. I wish I could name all of those involved, but due to current ongoing investigations I’m not allowed’.

She had finally come forward after ‘years of me being trafficked to places across Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria…mostly Leeds, Huddersfield, Oldham, Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster and Morecambe.

‘I have been to other places as well as attending ‘parties’ locally’. This is to have sex with Asian men with me receiving nothing for it’.

She adds: ‘These are evil yet clever men. They know how to manipulate, convince and threaten girls into staying. When they can’t, they use extreme violence.

‘I used to believe that these people loved me. I realise now that they used me for their own gain and profit. They have beaten me on multiple occasions, sometimes for no reason at all.

‘They have given me drugs to the point I was nearly addicted to heroin. They have stripped me naked, beaten me and dumped me in the middle of nowhere with nothing…no money, phone, ID, clothes, shoes, nothing.

‘They did this once in winter (when) I got found with bad hypothermia. They have broken my ribs and many bones in my face. They have split my ear, cut my throat, attempted to cut my boobs and nipples off.

‘They have carved words into my body, branded me with letters. They have disclocated my elbow, they have stabbed me, they have burnt me and used me as an ashtray to stamp cigarettes out.

‘They have beaten me black (and blue). I have had a bleed on the brain from a head injury. I have lost some vision in one of my eyes from being smacked so badly.

‘Now I have had my finger cut. They have put lit petrol rags and threatening letters through my letter box, they have followed me home, tried to drown me, strangled me and they have stalked me’.

We don’t hear this kind of detail often, but we’ve known for years that this is just business as usual in any area of the UK that has a significant Moslem population. Moslems believe they are conquering Europe for Allah, and taking white women as spoils of war is simply part of the game for them.

The United Kingdom invited these Pakistani males in.

Teenage girls like the one from this story are eager to engage in everything these “grooming gangs” ask because they, as women, are naturally attracted to the power these men project. They only ever complain when the brown males become dangerously violent to the point of breaking their bones or producing injuries like the ones shown in this article. The real victims here are the British men — white men — whose women are being ruined by foreign invaders.

The lockdown and the collapse of the economy will push more white women towards these so-called grooming gangs in their quest for drugs, sex, and excitement, while white men are busy trying to rebuild the economy.

These invaders are rotting civilization from within, with blessings from the government.

Faces from other “Asian” grooming gangs.