UK: Teenage Boy Goes Full Forest Hermit Because of Coronavirus Hysteria

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2020

The mass hysteria surrounding this coronavirus pandemic is doing all kinds of wacky things to people’s minds.

Daily Mail:

A teenage boy missing in woodland for more than a week could be using his survival skills to self-isolate after despairing when coronavirus cancelled his A-level exams.

The police search for 17-year-old Oliver Strode has now entered its eighth day after he went missing while on a bike ride in Alice Holt Forest, Surrey.

It has since been revealed that the teenager had previously recorded a series of ‘Bushcraft Bible’ videos on how to survive in the wild.

His father, Richard, said he believed his son began to despair when he discovered his A-level qualifications could be decided on his mock exam results, which he had not performed well in.

His family suspect he may have gone missing on purpose so he could have a go at surviving in the forest with his knowledge of bushcraft.

Oliver had previously created a video series called The Bushcraft Bible which included tutorials on how to build a makeshift water filter, solo overnight survival and how to gut a fish and make a handheld bowstring.

Everyone is told that this virus is everywhere and that everyone will die unless they stop interacting with people and lock themselves up in their homes.

For someone who believes that, it isn’t really illogical to just go full hermit to wait it out in the woods.

The narrative of the mainstream media and the way in which governments are facing this virus is driving people over the edge.