UK: Teaching Sexual Degeneracy to Small Children in Schools From 2020, Opting-Out Illegal

Daily Stormer
February 26, 2019

And this is being done by a “conservative” government…

What exactly are these people conserving with this?


The UK Conservative government is set to announce plans for the introduction of lessons on homosexuality and transgenderism for primary school students, despite an official petition against the move, signed by over 100,000.

So the only reaction to this filth is that a fraction of Britain’s population signed a petition?

Is that really the best you Britcucks can do?

It will be taught to pupils from the age of five, and it will be illegal for parents to take their children out of the classroom for the lessons in secondary school, meaning that at least a term’s worth of sex education classes – and likely far more – will be attended by each student.

The only sexual education any prepubescent child needs is “stay away from monkeypeople and Jews.”

The proposal has encountered resistance from conservative communities, including some Muslims and Jews. In a letter expressing opposition, prominent rabbis expressed fears that some parents would rather take their children out of the education system altogether – which they are allowed to do – rather than subject them to the new curriculum.

Britcucks aren’t even mentioned, just Moslems and kikes, who are the source of these problems to begin with.

Which makes sense, as there’s no point in caring about people who don’t care about themselves.

Questions discussed during the non-assessed lessons, as listed in the current proposals for the curriculum, will include: “When is it OK to let someone touch me?” for 3-year-olds, and “Why are we all different? Is it OK to be different?” at age seven. At 11, children will discuss “What is the difference between transvestite and trans-sexual?” and by 16, they will be told “how to disclose positive HIV status to a sexual partner, family and friends.”

Knowing the difference between a man in a dress who cut his dick off and a man in a dress who hasn’t cut his dick off is very useful to 11-year-olds…

And most Britcucks obviously agree, or else they wouldn’t be sending them to these “schools” to begin with.

Among the teaching materials for primary school children who are currently being trialed at a predominantly-Muslim school in Birmingham are ‘Tango Makes Three,’ a book about two gay penguins who nurture an egg taken from another family, and ‘My Princess Boy,’ which celebrates a dark-skinned child who loves to cross-dress.

The other aims of the curriculum include educating students on issues that have become more prevalent in Britain over last two decades, such as female genital mutilation, sexting, revenge porn, and potential imbalance of power between the sexes in relationships.

You forgot the getting gangraped by Moslems on an industrial scale issue… Or maybe you didn’t.

You know, I realize we’re all in pretty bad shape, but maybe we should start considering whether Britain is salvageable at this point.

They don’t look like they are…