UK Suspends Extradition Treaty With Hong Kong, Accuses Communist Party of Having TikTok Data

The United Kingdom has suspended an extradition treaty with Hong Kong to ensure that homosexual Hong Kong rioters fleeing the evil arms of China will be safe there.

Daily Mail:

Dominic Raab today announced the UK’s extradition treaty with Hong Kong is being ‘immediately and indefinitely’ suspended after Beijing imposed a controversial national security law on the former British colony.

The Foreign Secretary insisted the UK wants a ‘positive relationship’ with China but he said ‘we will be clear where we disagree’.

He said: ‘I have consulted with the Home Secretary, the Justice Secretary and the Attorney General and the Government has decided to suspend the extradition treaty immediately and indefinitely.’

Mr Raab said the extradition arrangements will not be reactivated ‘unless and until there are clear and robust safeguards which are able to prevent extradition from the UK being misused under the new national security legislation’.

He also announced that a long-standing arms embargo on UK exports to mainland China will now be extended to also cover Hong Kong.

The decision to suspend extradition means Hong Kong will no longer be able to request the UK send back a resident who has either been accused of or convicted of a crime. It is not known when the law was last used.

Britain has taken the decision because it fears the new national security law could be used by Beijing to crackdown on dissent and to try to unfairly punish pro-democracy campaigners.

The move will further inflame tensions with Beijing, with the Chinese Foreign Ministry having warned before the announcement was made that there would be a ‘resolute reaction to actions that interfere in China’s internal affairs’.

Why would they do this? It’s like saying “we won’t send back your criminals because we disagree that they’re criminals,” which is like telling China that the United Kingdom wants criminals in China to do their criminal acts with impunity.

Furthermore, the United Kingdom is concerned that the Chinese government is going through people’s TikTok data and watching them do silly stuff, and that they’re going to use TikTok videos of people doing silly stuff to take over the world.

Maybe they worry that the Chinese may watch the dancing nurses videos and realize that coronavirus never overwhelmed hospitals in the West?

Daily Mail:

TikTok today said there was ‘zero proof’ that China’s Community Party has access to users’ data after senior Tory MPs said it was ‘as much a threat to Britain’ as Huawei.

Former Conservative party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith called for the service to be banned because of its links with the ‘Chinese intelligence services’, which are feared to be hoovering up user data for spying purposes.

TikTok, which allows users to post short videos, is owned by Beijing-based company ByteDance, but today its Europe public policy director Theo Bertram said claims of Chinese government interference were ‘completely false’.

‘TikTok is not available in China. TikTok data is stored in the US,’ he told the BBC’s Today programme. ‘TikTok is a company incorporated in the US. There is zero truth to the accusations that the Chinese state has access to TikTok users’ data.’

Referring to the app, which is wildly popular with teenagers, Sir Iain told The Times: ‘There are real serious concerns, as big as with Huawei, over the role that they play.

‘TikTok is the product of a company called Byte Dance which has roots everywhere at the moment, a bit like Huawei. They’re growing like mad. Everybody is now reviewing the company.’

Tom Tugendhat, the Tory chairman of the foreign affairs committee, said: ‘Companies like Byte Dance raise serious questions about who they’re willing to work with and what that co-operation will enable.’

TikTok is already been outlawed by India and Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, says America could follow.

What is the Chinese government going to do with TikTok data though?

Perhaps Western governments want to have a monopoly on user data. Knowing what we know about censorship in the West, this may have nothing to do with national security and be purely about control.

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If our government cared about us, they’d be more concerned about Facebook and the creepy-looking thing in charge of it.