UK: Supreme Court Orders Christian Couple to Pay £3,600 in ‘Damages’ for Not Allowing Gays to Sleep in Their Home

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2013

Peter and Hazelmary Bull, the latest casualties in the ongoing Jewish war against the White race.
Peter and Hazelmary Bull, the latest casualties in the ongoing Jewish war against the White race.

The Bulls, a Christian couple who run a bed and breakfast, have been ordered to pay damages to a homo couple who they didn’t want sleeping in their house and eating at their table.

Mr. Bull is 74, his wife 69, and they have been told by the supreme court of England that it is against the law to not allow homosexual sexual deviants to rent a room inside of your own house.

The Cornwall couple was likely renting the room just for a little extra money to cover costs, given that they are retired and the economy is not particularly good, and were likely looking for a students or young heterosexual couples that they could get along with well to stay in their bed and breakfast.

Once again: this was a room inside of their own home.  It is a Bed and Breakfast, where the gays would be eating at their dinner table.  These queers are now demanding a right to live inside of our homes, and the governments of the Jew-dominated West are backing these demands, and punishing old people who refuse to accept it.

Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall: "We have a human right to engage in sodomy inside of your home.  Deny us, and you shall pay us thousands."
Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall: “We have a human right to engage in sodomy inside of your home. Deny us, and you shall pay us thousands.”

How long will it be legal to refuse to have gay sex to homosexuals?  I’m serious.  That is literally the next step.  I can see it now: “the court has found that if the gay who had propositioned you for sex had been a hot chick of the same age, you would not have refused him entry into your bedroom – now you must pay him thousands of pounds, and you should think twice before you discriminate against potential sexual partners based on their sexual orientation.”

Right is now wrong and wrong is now right.  We are living in a hell.

Someone has to stop these Jews.

From the BBC:

The Christian owners of a guesthouse who were ordered to pay damages for turning away a gay couple have lost their UK Supreme Court fight.

Hazelmary and Peter Bull refused to let civil partners Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall stay in a double room at Chymorvah House in Marazion in Cornwall in 2008.

The couple, who had already lost cases at Bristol County Court and the Court of Appeal, said they were “saddened”.

Mr and Mrs Bull have said they regard any sex outside marriage as a “sin”.

Note here that, yes, the BBC has put the word “sin” in quotes. Why have they done this? Is this some type of ironic sin? Or is it a nonstandard usage of the word sin? Are they confused about why someone would use the word “sin” to describe homosexual sex?

This is how far we have come, White Man. And in such a short time!

The article continues.

The Bulls denied discriminating against Mr Hall and Mr Preddy, who are from Bristol.

Sixty-nine-year-old Mrs Bull and her 74-year-old husband said their decision was founded on a “religiously-informed judgment of conscience“.


Mrs Bull said: “We are deeply disappointed and saddened by the outcome.

“We are just ordinary Christians who believe in the importance of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

“Our B&B is not just our business, it’s our home. All we have ever tried to do is live according to our own values, under our own roof.”

We’re sorry, Mrs. Bull, but your conscience and ancient moral values do not matter anymore. Though maybe in ye-olde-timey land where you were born, you could refuse to allow two men to masturbate in each other’s feces in your home, this is no longer acceptable, because of human rights or tolerance and multiculturalism and freedom or something.

Lady Hale, deputy president of the Supreme Court, said: “Sexual orientation is a core component of a person’s identity which requires fulfilment through relationships with others of the same orientation.”

Yes, you see – this is science. They have to put their penises in each others anal passages because it is a core component of their identity. If that doesn’t make sense to you, it is because you are filled with hatred.

Mike Judge, from the Christian Institute, said after the hearing: “What this case shows is that the powers of political correctness have reached all the way to the top of the judicial tree, so much so that even the Supreme Court dare not say anything against gay rights.”

Good point, Mike Judge. But who is responsible for this? Why has our ancient morality, which stretches back to our pagan roots in Scandinavia and Germany, been switched on its head and replaced with the opposite?

Who is behind this insane change in the order of society, which could not possibly have come about as part of a natural progression of social norms?

Le Merchant
Jews and the homosexual movement.

The Jews have destroyed the basic foundations of our society, and they are now proceeding to hunt down and crush any remaining individuals who dare put up resistance to their agenda.

The Bulls are casualties of the endless Jewish war against the White Christian European people.

We are on our knees now, White Man.  Are you ready to stand up and fight?