UK: Suicides Appear to Have Increased During Lockdown, Police Chiefs Say

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2020

No one could have predicted that banning people from meeting with friends, working, and going out of their homes — while telling them that everyone’s dying because of a virus — could result in an increase in suicides.

But what can be predicted now, for sure, is that once more people realize that the economy and most jobs have been totally destroyed, there’ll be even more suicides.

Daily Mail:

Britain’s unprecedented coronavirus lockdown appears to have led to an increase in suicides over the past fortnight, police chiefs revealed today.

Officers are also concerned that millions of Britons being forced to stay in their houses will also lead to a spike in domestic violence, sexual abuse and online crimes, the Home Affairs Select Committee has heard.

But it was also revealed that crimes such as thefts and robberies are all down – as are 999 calls – because of the streets are largely deserted.

Simon Kempton from the Police Federation told MPs there had been ‘very early indications’ of a rise in suicides and suicide attempts at home during the first fortnight of Britain’s lockdown.

He said: ‘It’s going to be absolutely vital that we keep an eye on that and the very, very early indications of an increase in suicide attempts and suicides, far too early to say that that’s a real trend, but there’s very early indications of that.’

It’s sad that people are killing themselves out of desperation and loneliness during the lockdown, but at least women are getting abused, so that’s good.

Daily Mail:

There was a 25 per cent surge in calls to the National Domestic Abuse helpline in a five-day period during the coronavirus lockdown, the charity Refuge said.

In the week commencing March 30, from Monday to Friday, the helpline saw a significant daily rise in calls and contacts.

There was an increase of around 150 per cent in visits to compared with the last week of February.

Refuge chief executive Sandra Horley said: ‘1.6 million women experienced domestic abuse last year, and self-isolation has the potential to aggravate pre-existing abusive behaviours by perpetrators.

‘While in lockdown or self-isolation, women and children are likely to be spending concentrated periods of time with perpetrators, potentially escalating the threat of domestic abuse and further restricting their freedom.

Domestic abuse isn’t always physical – it’s a pattern of controlling, threatening and coercive behaviour, which can also be emotional, economic, psychological or sexual.

Abuse is a choice a perpetrator makes, and isolation is already used by many perpetrators as a tool of control.’

Yeah, abuse isn’t always physical, which is why the real victims of domestic abuse during the lockdown are the men who are forced to listen to their nagging wives.

Beating women is illegal, so the easiest way to deal with uppity females who refuse to stop pushing your buttons under normal circumstances is to just disengage, ignore them and go somewhere else.

But that’s no longer possible.

Due to the lockdown, husbands have nowhere to escape to.

It’s no wonder that suicides are increasing.