UK: Subhuman Pedophile has Sentence Cut After Telling Judge It had a “Gender Identity Crisis”

Daily Stormer
October 29, 2017

It has been established a long time ago that Britain is officially the new Sweden, for obvious reasons. But the British aren’t resting on their laurels, nay. They’re constantly trying to out-cuck (I just made that word up) themselves. They figured:

“Bloody crumpets mates, we outsweded the Swedes! But now the real battle begins! To outswede a Swede is easy, but to outswede thyself is the true challenge. FOR THE QUEEN!”


Judges have cut a man’s sentence after he claimed a “gender identity crisis” led him to download and store more than 1,400 indecent images of small children.

Leicester Crown Court sentenced Sarbjeet Jagdev to three years in prison in May, after he admitted seven counts of possessing child sex abuse pictures.

But judges reduced the sentence to two years at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, when they heard the 23-year-old stockpiled images and videos of the sexual abuse of young girls because he was confused about his sexuality, the Leicester Mercury reports.

How is this even possible? Or legal, for that matter? This subhuman – who’s probably done more than just have pictures of small children getting raped on his computer – repeated some idiotic gibberish that cannot be proven by any sane, objective standards, and a bunch judges, who are presumably sane people, not only accepted it but reduced his sentence based on it!

Jagdev said the compulsion to look at indecent images of children arose because of feeling “unable to confront” his belief that he could be transgender as a result of having had a “strict upbringing”.

Lawyers defending the Leicester resident told the court: “For some years, he had been troubled by a crisis of gender identity which he had been unable to confront.”

How can this be an acceptable argument in a court of law?

Has Britain degenerated to the point where it’s (((government))) can’t even pretend to be sane?

Hearing that Jagdev sought counselling and therapy for confusion regarding gender and sexuality following his arrest last year, Mr. Justice Spencer allowed the appeal.

He said: “There was a high volume of images and they included moving images.

“The fundamental question is whether the judge took a starting point which was manifestly excessive having regard to the mitigation.

“He had expressed and demonstrated remorse and started to address his offending behaviour.

“In the circumstances, the proper sentence here was two years,” concluded the judge.

Last month, Labour MP David Lammy called for more lenient treatment of black and minority ethnic (BAME) suspects, after accusing Britain’s criminal justice system of bias in a report which was slammed by critics.

Not enough British girls are getting gang-raped, you filthy goyim! Do something about it quick!

Civitas chief David Green debunked the former minister’s claim that “overt discrimination” is to blame disparities in imprisonment rates between ethnic groups in a piece for The Spectator.

That dude is not a real Brit. Real Brits know that the founding principles of their country are kebab and gang-rape, and would never say or do anything to endanger that.