UK: Street Shitter Doctor on Trial for Molesting Female Patients as Young as 11

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2019

Manish Shah.

OMG so shocking wow.

Romford Recorder:

A Romford GP accused of molesting female patients as young as 11 cited celebrities Angelina Jolie and Jade Goody to convince them to have unnecessary intimate examinations, a court has heard.

Manish Shah, 50, of Brunel Close, Romford, allegedly carried out “invasive” intimate examinations over five years for his own sexual gratification.

He is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of 34 sexual offences against eight females aged between 11 and 39 between May 2009 and June 2013.

The jury was told Shah has already been convicted of similar allegations relating to 17 other patients.

Prosecutor Kate Bex QC described how on one occasion, Shah brought up a news story about Hollywood star Jolie having a preventative mastectomy as he asked a woman if she would like him to examine her breasts.

In another instance, he mentioned Goody as he told another woman an examination was in her best interests, it was claimed.

Shah has denied 13 charges of sexual assault and 21 counts of assault by penetration.


I feel bad for the kids, but any of the adult women who allowed this Dravidian orc to stick his curried fingers into their lady holes deserve everything they got.