UK: Straight White Males Win Sex Discrimination Payout After Being Fired to Fix Fake Pay Gap

Chas Bayfield won the case, but his victory is meaningless when 99% of men experience the same thing but will never get revenge.

Apparently, they’ve caught onto the fact that people think this race/sex stuff is unfair.

So they’re allowing reverse lawsuits.

Daily Mail:

Two middle-aged white male creatives at a top advertising agency have won a sex discrimination claim after a female director vowed to ‘obliterate’ its Mad Men reputation of being full of straight, white men.

Chas Bayfield and Dave Jenner, both in their fifties and renowned creative directors at J. Walter Thompson (JWT), were among five men axed from the leading ad agency because bosses ‘urgently’ wanted to address its poor gender pay gap.

A damning gender pay gap report had sent ‘shock waves’ through the firm as it highlighted there was a serious lack of female representation, a tribunal heard.

Female creative director Jo Wallace was appointed to help lose the company’s ‘Knightsbridge Boys Club’ reputation and jointly held a diversity conference called ‘Crisis: The Mother of All Change’.

Ms Wallace, who introduced herself as a gay woman, told the conference: ‘One thing we all agree on is that the reputation JWT once earnt – as being full of white, British, privileged [men] – has to be obliterated.’

Jo Wallace might not be able to beat your ass, and you might not want to have her beat your meat, but she is the boss because the disheveled slob BoJo said women are equal.

When Mr Bayfield and Mr Jenner expressed ‘valid’ concerns over the safety of their jobs, bosses reacted ‘furiously’ and took it as a ‘challenge’ to their new diversity drive, then made them redundant.

They were let go after a meeting with the company and were told to leave.

Companies can hire from under-represented communities, but cannot fire employees for race or discrimination.

Now the pair, who were behind some hugely successful TV adverts, have successfully sued Wunderman Thompson – which merged with JWT – for sex discrimination.

A judge ruled that JWT bosses unfairly got ‘rid’ of Mr Bayfield and Mr Jenner, 52 and 50 at the time, because it ‘immediately assisted the gender pay gap issue’.

The London Central tribunal heard both men are straight, white and British. Their work regularly received praise from colleagues and industry peers.

Mr Bayfield today said since his dismissal he has struggled to find work and Mr Jenner has left advertising, adding that they have been perceived as ‘whistle-blowers’ in the industry.

They can try to say “look, everyone is getting sued and punished for discrimination.”

But the basic fact of reality is that 99.9999% of cases will involve women taking over. Every single company in the Western world is filled with completely useless women who do nothing.

She works hard for the money. So hard for it, honey.

These companies run by women would go under if they weren’t supported by the government and the criminal oligarchy (which was established by the government, which refused to enforce laws against monopolies).

Every single job on earth is done better by men, and we’re now finding out with the tranny phenomenon that men are actually better at being women.

Frankly, if we just had a real meritocracy, where the government didn’t force people to hire women and colorfuls, everything would balance itself back out. Women would be competing for work with 85 IQ immigrants, and they would therefore oppose immigration on the grounds that they’re being beat by Paco.

“Hola señor. I did a better job making this food than a grimy slut. Please give me a promotion to advanced taco technician.”
“My life is ruined. Paco the tacoman beat me out as best taco-filler, even after I let the boss fill my taco with his extra spicy salsa. I’ll never get promoted to advanced taco technician… unless someone sends these rats back to their shithole!”