UK: Stickers Warning About White Genocide and Moslem Rape Gangs Appear on Doors

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2019

Don’t worry. The unsettling crime is already being investigated by the extremely capable and relentless British anti-white Police. They’ll find the villains who did this and justice will be served.


Police have launched an investigation after racist anti-immigration propaganda was found plastered on people’s front doors.

Residents in St Ives, reported the stickers to police on Monday morning after spotting them in the windows of their homes and lampposts in the Cambridgeshire town.

Pictures of the stickers show messages including: ‘Beware of Muslim rape gangs’ and ‘Mass immigration is white genocide’.

Other stickers said: ‘Diversity means no white countries, cities, neighbourhoods or people.’ and ‘Second generation? Third, fourth? You have to go back.’

Resident David Kirby was shocked when he found the stickers on his front door and said: ‘I came home to find these stickers plastered over the door to my flats. This is not good.

The people responsible are an underground hate group who seeks a whites-only population.

It’s hateful to want your people to survive. This is 2019 now. Like, come on. We should be past this kind of hatred.

‘They are also dumb as rocks – second, third and fourth generation immigrants were born in the UK so not sure where they should go back to?

Right, David. Magic soil grants people citizenship and identity, and imbues them with the essence found in the blood of the historic people that inhabited the place. Blacks born in Britain are just as British as Alfred the Great.

A woman claimed to have seen stickers which said: ‘Say no to Muslim rape gangs’, ‘Beware of anti-white rape gangs’ and ‘Beware of what is coming.’

Where’s the problem there though?

Are they suggesting we should say yes to Moslem rape gangs?

Of course they are.

Never forget they want our men wasting out in rooms where the only light comes from a screen showing porn and our women violently spread by the invaders.

It sounds terrible, but it’s actually an enriching experience.