UK: Starving Refugee Children Violently Mug 82-Year-Old Haji Cancer Patient (I Guess of Other Type)

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2017

Starving refugee suspects.

We shouldn’t read deeply into this, that would be deeply Islamophobic.

We just need more integration courses.

The Journal:

82-year-old Ahmet Dobran, who uses a walking stick, was attacked on Sussex Road at about 7pm on Sunday, 27 August.

He was dragged to the ground by three men who pinned him down before forcibly removing his personal jewellery.

Dobran sustained three fractures to his vertebrae after one of the three men grabbed him by the neck while the others reigned blows to his back and arms.

He was then forced to the ground where his gold bracelet and Longine wristwatch was removed.

The attack aggravated other conditions, such as Parkinson’s and cancer which the victim was receiving treatment for.

“Over the past month, Mr Dobran has been in and out of an induced coma, and he is now on a high dependency ward in hospital. He needs breathing apparatus, which includes a tracheotomy. Doctors are not sure if this is permanent or temporary.

The men still have not been identified, and I believe that they are not local to the area of East Ham, or even Newham. Someone knows who the suspects are we need to catch them before they target anyone else, as they clearly have utter disregard for their victims and do not hesitate to use violence.

You’re seeing the name – he’s some other race of haji. Arab on Paki or Paki on Afghan or different types of Arabs on each other – whatever. They are doing this all the time – having tribal wars between one another on the streets of the European cities that have been flooded with all of the different types of them.

It’s like a shitty Turkish remake of Warriors (made by that guy who made Turkish Superman).


But worth it for kebab, even if it is really gross and dehumanizing to have this type of monkey shit happening on your streets.

Ahmet Dobran.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.