UK: Somali Gang-Rapist Who Dodged Deportation After Plane Mutiny Makes New Bid to Stay

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2020

Yaqub Ahmed

The United Kingdom needs Somali males because Somali males bring Somali male culture to the United Kingdom and the British people need more culture.

Once in a while though, Somali males will do Somali male stuff to white teenage women, and due to our retrograde culture and The Patriarchy’s remnants, that isn’t legally allowed to happen… yet.

Daily Mail:

A rapist who dodged deportation after a mutiny by plane passengers will next month launch another bid to avoid being booted out of Britain.

Yaqub Ahmed, who was part of a gang who subjected a 16-year-old girl to a terrifying ordeal, is applying for a judicial review in a bid to block his deportation to Somalia.

Chris Howells, representing the Home Office, revealed that when Ahmed, 31, was out of jail on licence in 2016, he continued to consort with his co-defendants with whom he had gang-raped the teenage girl and trawled nightclubs and bars looking for ‘young white women’ to have sex with.

Ahmed was jailed for nine years in 2008 for his part in the gang rape.

An attempt to deport him in October 2018 failed when passengers aboard a Turkish Airways flight about to jet him out of the UK revolted.

They sprang to his defence after he began screaming shortly before take-off from Heathrow.

He had been due to be returned to Somalia from Istanbul, but the passengers – unaware of his brutal crime – demanded security guards remove him.

Ahmed, who was first told he was liable for deportation in 2010, was released on bail in March last year, but detained again shortly afterwards because he ripped off an electronic tag and tried to flee the country.

At that stage, 12 years of criminal trials, prison costs and immigration cases involving Ahmed – who receives legal aid – were estimated to have cost British taxpayers more than £330,000.

That figure is set to soar now he has won the right to argue his case for a judicial review hearing.

£330,000 here and there is a very small price for the British taxpayer to pay if you consider what the British taxpayer gets in return.

Somali males are an integral part of the true Britannia.

The blacks literally built Britain with their own black hands, so it is only fair that they get to live there and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

As we continue to realize that blacks were actually here in the West all along, the number of blacks in the West will mysteriously increase — and that will finally bring balance to The Force.